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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Collectives

It's so quiet.

I'm doing nothing except read books, drink a little wine and laze on the garden swing.

I'm bored.

I tried to do some "life-long learning" by teaching myself Javascript, but for some reason it conflicts with my CSS so I've given it up as a bad job until next week.

Next week is of course the "Week Of Freedom", but more on that later.

Lets have a little bit of interactivity.

I'm sure you've all heard of collective nouns; the words used to describe a collection of types of objects/animals/people.

For example: A Murder of Crows.

I'm going to produce a list of what I think are appropriate collective nouns.  If any of you think of another, please add them in a comment, and I'll add them to the posted list.
You will need at least one other viewer to add a positive comment to your suggestion before I publish your collective noun.

Here's the starting list.

  • A Corruption of politicians.
  • A Miasma of schoolboys.
  • A Flirt of schoolgirls.
  • A Celebrity of Chefs.
  • A Grumble of lobbyists.
  • A Suite of Lawyers.
  • A Bankruptcy of Credit cards.
  • A Stickiness of Pornography.
  • A Delight of toddlers
  • A Depression of Teachers.
  • A Shock of electricians.
  • A Rude of teenagers.
  • A Rubber of boy-racers. (pity it burst)
  • A Destruction of Educationalists  (I thought initially of using "A Detachment" as they are so far detached from real teaching and learning, but then I thought of the effect they were having)
  • A Snipe of Mother-in-Laws.
And an extra for Yonks.

  • A Boredom of Opera singers.

And just for my list to finish on a low note

  • A Bustiness of Babes.

Now you can attempt to get your own items into the list.

Go on, have a go.

Here's the extra list.

A Dither of neurotics.  (Blether)
A Babble of bloggers (Fishducky)
A School of idiots (Tempo)
A Giggle of Old Girties (About Last Weekend)
A Shower of weather men. (Alistair)
A Study of Scientists (Alison)
 A Gloom of Depressives (Young at Heart)
A Falsification of Malingerers. (The Curmudgeon)


  1. Miasma and corruption are instant classics!

    1. Thank you. I tried to come up with them on my own, but I was slightly apprehensive that I might have heard them somewhere subconsciously and re-used them.

      Any of your own?

    2. A giggle of old girties (which now I think about it, I qualify as an old girty)

    3. As a gentleman (I've got a certificate proving it) I would never call you an old girty, especially since you put up that photo of you looking stunning in that blue dress.

      But the collective is good, and goes in the list.

  2. A babble of bloggers. (Not you, Sweetie!!) Or, an insolvency of borrowers--a misfortune of mothers-in-law--a barf of bad cooks. There are SO MANY possibilities!!

    1. I just thought of a sleuth of detectives & a crash of klutzes. Did you know that a group of lizards is ACTUALLY called a lounge?

    2. I didn't know about the lounge. Sounds kind of louche to me.

  3. And to take your low note lower (or do I mean higher?), a bounce of titties. Why don't you do some gardening to keep yourself occupied? I'm sure you could grow some tasty vegetables in your climate.

    1. I think a bounce of babes would be more appropriate.

      Veggies are nice, but not really what I want to eat.


  4. A bombardment of bass players
    An overflow of god-botherers
    A forgetfullness of prime ministers
    A spectre of Romneys
    A cartel of supermarkets
    A disappointment of Labour

    1. Nice idea, but not quite apposite enough.

      Try again TC.

    2. Yes, I forgot:

      A scrapheap of ex-sercicemen

      and of course

      An apposition of drunken Scotsmen

    3. Methinks thou doth get a wee bit bitter.

      What about a Tick of estate agents

      a Morass of marketers.

      If you have to use drunken Scotsmen (a bit of a Pleonasm) why not a Boke of drunken Scotsmen.

    4. Point taken. I like the word 'Boke'
      I'm reading (well, listening to a talking book actually) Proof of Life a novel set in Glasgow and the rendition of the vernacular is great (Americans would need sub-titles if it were a film).
      How about A skinful of wine guys?

      Talking of pleonasms, how about a plethora of Richard (Of RBB) blogs?

    5. A Skinful of Scots?

      what about an Onanism of Richards (of RBB) blogs.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you.
      I'd clap my hands in appreciation, but I cannot separate them.

      Too sticky.

  6. A moan of curmudgeons.
    A sporran of Scotsmen.
    A headache of wine experts.
    A crowd of crowds.
    An augmentd fourth of heavy metal musicians.
    A lion's den of christians.

    1. These are very good R(of RBB).
      What about 'a frock of bishops'?

    2. I like the sporran of Scotsmen.

      I would prefer a Perversion of Bishops.

  7. I've nothing to add but a thank you for the chuckle. On second thought...a dither of neurotics...

  8. Awesome, laughed all the way through it but now I'm in no fit state to add to your list. Great work teach..

    1. An invasion of Grey Nomads
      An epidemic of doctors
      An infection of nurses
      A 'twist' of physiotherapists
      A float of rafters
      A keg of drinkers
      A school of idiots

    2. I like the school of idiots, or should that be A School for Idiots?

  9. A bellyfull of politicians.
    A flush of bankers.
    An old school tie of Politicians
    An affront of journalists.

    1. I like the Flush of Bankers, or should that really be a Flush of Wankers?

  10. And I'm surprised you didn't go for;

    A photo opportunity of ladies.

  11. A Nausea of Nurses. That's all I can come up with. My coffee has not yet taken effect. (affect?)

    1. Hmm..that's not quite fair Jen. Are you implying that a group of these angels of mercy would cause nausea?

      Perhaps A Nightingale of nurses?

  12. A tremor of seismologists?
    A study of scientists?
    And for the Canucks in the audience: a mullet of hockey players?

    1. I like the Study of Scientists, so it goes in.
      Mullets? They still wear them?

      You poor Canoe Heads

  13. to read.......... to sleep perchance to dream.......... sounds brilliant to me!! A gloom of depressives.........

    1. I've already tried to reply once, but Blogger's playing silly buggers again.

      I like the Gloom of Depressives, so it's on the list.

  14. Morning TSB.

    A groan of teachers on the first day back.

    I wonder who will be sick today?

    1. Morning Richard.

      Not so much a groan of teachers, as a teachers' groan.

      Too many.

  15. "I wonder who will be sick today?"

    Maybe a falsification of malingerers

    1. Oooo, I like the Falsification of Malingerers. It's got an almost Kafaesque quality.

  16. Well I could not beleive that I didget calle din to releive yesterday morning - 2nd day back with only 45 minutes notice. Woken from a lovley slumber and having to move fast to get myself to school on time showered, breakfasted and
    perfectcly and professioanlly presented (busienss attire, makeup, hair blow waved). Lucky its only a 5 minute drive from home.

    Good to have a day at work after another expensive holiday. Bad to be working on such a beautiful balmy spring day. But hey I was in a good mood, even if I had not got paid properly again by Novapay. I even let the kids work outside in the sun today in science, justified by the fact they were perfecting their experiments on a heart rate activity involving timed stepping exercises. We do that one every year!

    Now I must go into work unpaid today to try and sort out my the mess of me being unpaid for so long.

  17. Knock Knock. Anyone home???

  18. As you say at the start of this post, "it's so quiet."

    Everything ok in the Dominion of New Zealand?

    1. Yes thanks Laoch, see today's post, and most will be explained.


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