For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Journey Northwards

Following on from the last post, SWMBO, myself, and two elderly lady friends of SWMBO are in my car (3.0L Subaru Legacy Estate), and heading North towards Whangamata.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Whangamata and MahJong

It's been a while.
Many things have changed.
For example, last weekend I visited Whangamata.

It's a lovely wee seaside town, but I wasn't there to swim or partake of shellfish, but to play Mah Jong.

I should explain.
Actually I should do a lot of things, but I can't be arsed.

I am now a man of Liesure.   Or even Leisure.  I don't care.  I've retired.

I ceased my Toil at the Chalkface on 30th January 2018.
No more pretending to care about spotty, smelly adolescents.
No more pretending to "I do this job because of the kids" . . . bollocks.
I did the job because:
  1. The pay was quite good.
  2. The holidays were fücking fantastic.
  3. The pension was reasonable.
  4. I didn't have to perform manual labour.
  5. I got free tea and coffee, and I didn't have to work weekends.
However, SWMBO had agreed to attend a MahJong tournament in the aforementioned Whangamata. and I had been volunteered to act as driver for Her Graciousness and 2 other ladies.  I had taken an interest in the game, and truth be told, quite enjoyed it.

But first we had to get to Whangamata.

For you unfortunate souls who do not live in GodZone, it would probably appear to be an inconsequential task.
Drive from Wellington to Whangamata.

Please examine the map below.

This is what it should be.


This is New Zealand, and if anyone tried to build a really good road between 3 three major cities on Aoteroa, then they'd be stopped.
It would contravene some weird Environmental rule.
It would offend one or many of the Maori Iwi (sort of tribes, think gangs)

It would smack of logic, there demonstrating an elitist mindset, which then had to be fundamentally racist.

The drive took 9½ hours.

 9½ fücking hours.

In the UK, driving from Glasgow to London, an equivalent distance, would take between 5 - 6 hours, on well made motorways.

In the land of the long white cloud, there was about 20km of dual carriageway, the rest being 2 or 3 lane roads.

Sorry, I need to take a break, my nerves are still shot.

Back soon.

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