For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Computer Problems

Very little seems to be working.
See you all soon



  1. Well perhaps the ether has decided that FUBAR is better than the usual WINEBAR (Worriesome Internet Network Exposures Beyond All Rectitude)

  2. RU sure it's the computer and not the fact you are glued to the TV watching the Sevens tourny at the Wellington Stadium, if not actually attending, that you are currently offline so to speak???

    BTW congrats to Scotland for winning the shiled section.
    The boys looked very happy.

  3. In another game in Scotland's capital this evening... oh well hang on, no he's got enough on his plate at the moment.

  4. Please hurry back! I'm having to read Comeinyourpants' (some refer to him as The Curmudgeon) blog!

  5. Oh the shame, I'm having to use my Beloved's computer to make these comments, as my own desktop machine threw a giant wobbly on Friday.
    I should have it upagain by this evening, but it's a windows based computer, so who really knows.

    Austan: Yep, concur and thanks.

    TC: HAHAHAHAHAHA ... you're really stretching on that WINEBAR.

    VG: Yes thanks, I'm completely sure it's the Machine of the Devil that's causing the problem. Scots wa hae.

    looby: Yes, I heard from my son-in-law. We wuz robbed. Beaten by England. Again. Never mind, the NZ seven's team completely gubbed the English in Wellington, so in the great Karmic balance all is well.

    Alistair: Yep. Painful. AND there's a funny burning smell coming from it as well. *sigh*

    Richard: I'll try my best. I feel your pain. You could always do more practice.

    YaH: It does. I'm scared. Hold me!

  6. Even the word verification is having spelling troubles.
    Today's one is "COUNTS"

  7. Oh dear TSB. Technology is great when it works, as we both know being technology specialists. I also get annoyed with how the things we grow to rely on for everyday tasks just stop working or blow-up. Hairdryers, toasters, I-Phones, cellphones, GHD hair straighteners, shavers,car tyres,
    Car CD players, kettles, light switches etc, etc. This list is just in my house this year alone!
    Hubby is just off to Mitre-10 to try and get replacement parts for the broken light-switch in the bathroom which fell to pieces last night.

    Bad news - Nothing is made to last long these days. Things cost money to repalce.
    Good news - Us kiwi folk will never give up and try and fix things ourselves, if there is any hope of resurrection. Also when all hope is lost, Briscoes or Harvey Normans are frequently having sales or deferred payment options on applicances.

    Conclusion - Manufacturers want the world to be a throw away society of consumables, and products are not amde to last the distance any more, despite how carefully we look after them.

  8. No doubt you have computer gremlins.

  9. TC: I'm having the same problem. Last one I got was Docks.

    Patience_Crabstick: Thanks, almost finished now.

    VG: What ever man can make, man can fix, or even man can screw up by the numbers. (I use man in it's pan-gender sense) Because whatever man can screw up, women can screw up 10 times worse.:=)

    Laoch: Posibly. Could aslo be bugs, glitches or even trolls.


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