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Friday, 24 February 2012

I Hope Do-Gooders Rot in Hell.

I Wish

Over the last 40 years I've noticed that the "rights" of the criminals and other like-minded scum have superseded the rights of the hard working and law abiding citizen.

Examples of this can be seen every day.

A quiet homeowner has his peace and quiet disturbed by a gang of hoons (kiwi-speak for a rather bad lot) as they break and smash their way into his house, and he defends himself, his good lady wife and his diminishing property, by blowing the bastards away with his trusty 12 bore, or even a .303 Lee-Enfield he "liberated" when returning from defending civilization in Italy in '45.

My friend who can reach out and touch quite happily to 800 yards

The result:

The scum get "counselled" or even worse, the survivors get compensation from our namby-pamby week-kneed so-called government made up of lefties, liberals do-f*cking-gooders, transvestites, transsexuals, actors, educationalists, lesbians and arse-bandits of every description, while the poor homeowner is jammed into gaol, for having the temerity of standing up to these vicious scum.

The solution is clear.

Apart from starting a 'right-minded" revolution, the only way to survival is to make sure you leave no evidence.

If you discover an intruder on your sacred premises, don't phone the police to complain; you'll probably be arrested for interfering with the scumbag's trade.
My other friend.  The McCulloch woodchipper

  1. Cut his throat.
    2. Chop him into little pieces (the McCulloch petrol driven woodchipper is perfect for the job) and either
      1. flush the bastard's remains down the toilet.
      2. Feed the resultant meaty mush to the cat or dog of the house (Don't be worried about the cats and dogs. They both like rat.
      3. Use the mush to reinforce the compost  in the bins
      4. Make into pies and start a franchise for pie making for the prisons of Aoteroa (scum to scum; who cares?)

    Let's face facts.

    No one else knows that he has chosen you as his victim of the night, so the poor overworked and politically managed Police won't even be looking at you.

    There will be no real evidence. (drop any extra clothing at the recycling bins of the Destiny Church. These bastards can get away with anything.)

    Flush out the woodchipper with

    1. Methanol.
    2. Pyridine. (Ask the ladies to do this, as this powerful mutagenic will not only completely and absolutely degrade any DNA evidence, it also has the propensity to rot the balls of any males within 100 metres.) A measure of DiMethyl Sulphoxide will remove the final base pairs.
    3. Bleach (Hypochlorite 20 % w/v) as the final eradicator of most biologicals.

    I f all else fails, drop the body in a valley associated with either a:

    1. Wind Farm
    2. A prospective site for a nuclear power station
    3. A projected route from the Kapiti Coast to Wellington.

    All of these will be guaranteed to be completely left alone for at least 20 years, as the planning and appeals process for resource consent winds its weary way through the tortuous court system, so you will be perfectly safe.

    And remember. DON'T SAY A F*CKING WORD.  The police and the prosecution will find it very difficult to make any sort of case in the face of absolute silence.

    You may well wonder what event has turned me, the nice and gentle TSB into such a rabid, mouth-frothing extremist.

    I heard that a student, who has been in perpetual trouble ever since he enrolled in Nuova Lazio High School, and who has been given multiple "last f*cking chances" swore at a relieving teacher.

    Not just swear however.

    He used racial epithets.

    He called our extremely capable relieving teacher (recently arrived from a city centre school in the UK) a "Black Bitch"
    Oh please.
    Actually this picture, world-reknowned as an image of American brutality is wrong. The guy getting shot (you can just see the bulge on the top right side as his brains explode with hydrostatic shock as the bullet from the S&W .38 Chief Special, fired by a South Vietnamese Army Officer (Counter Intelligence) ) was a Vietcong spy, captured in civilian clothing in a military area of South Vietnam, while the country was in a state of war, and was thus treated as specified by the Geneva Convention.  Immediate execution

    Was he immediately shot on the f*cking spot?


    Was he given 50 ashes with a barbed wire lash?


    Was he expelled from our delightful school?


    Was he stood down for the maximum 5 days allowed by the MOE?


    Was he even given a Section 27 (he has to explain his actions to the BOT before he can return)?


    Whatactually happened was:

    He was given a severe talking to by RINGO (Political rightness rears its f*cking head again) and a 1 day stand down WHICH HE F*CKING IGNORED, and was let back into the school the very f*ckng next day.

    To be fair .

    He did apologise to the relief teacher.

    I believe he said "I'm sorry I called you a f*cking black bitch miss"

    So all is right again.

    Yeah right.

    I'd prefer:

    1. Cut his throat.
    2. Chop him into little pieces (the McCulloch petrol driven woodchipper is perfect for the job) and either ...


    1. They've actually changed the law here to give an assumption of self-defence when burglars or rapists are killed or injured during their crimes. I quite agree with you. Step over my threshold univited and you lose all rights.

      Your school sounds like it's run by the children! So now, that little shit knows that actually, no sanctions exist at all, and the teacher concerned knows that she is powerless.

      If he's over the age of criminal responsibility he's also commityted an offence, then surely if the school doesn't assist in prosecuting him they're involved in criminality themselves.

    2. Bloomin heck TSB - is the medication not working?

      And anyway - seems to me the main problem her is {as usual} Herr Ringo.

      That's who should be facing the attentions you describe.

      But I certainly agree that anyone who enters anothers home with nefarious activities in mind leaves their human rights just outside the walls of the premises and should be aware of the potential consequences. I alos believe that bodies should not be disposed of in the way you suggest but should simply be reported to the appropriate authorites for pick up - or left at the side of the bins on the next collection day.

    3. Time to go to your happy place.

      There is a lot of injustice and evil in the world, one way another. As Sartre once said, "Hell is other people."

    4. OK. A balanced and well reasoned proposition.Of course, as you get older you probably won't be so liberal-minded.

    5. looby: I'm glad to hear about the change, it was about time.
      Every school is run by the kids to some extent,but you'recorrect. That individual knows we are virtuually powerless. What makes it worse that that kids is also being brought up by his eleder sister because the rest of his family is disfunctional, so there's a certain amount of sympathy for the kids, butit'sgonetoo far.

      Good point about the criminality, but the teacher concerned would have to bring charges herself, then she might get a reputation as a troublemaker.

      Alistair: Medication's fine. Laphroig always works. Well done;you've put your finger on the main problem.
      Regarding the disposal, maybe. But what about the smell? Corpses rot quickly. And according to our rules, I'd have to put them out for recycling. And of course, some busybody is sure to spot a bone or bit of a hand and call the cops. So I reckon my way's best.

      Laoch: Believeit or not, I am in my happy place. I didn't know that J-P Sartre had met Ringo. That explainsa lot.

      TC: Thank you. Actually I think I'm getting more bloody liberal as I get older. Sad but true.

    6. TSB have you startig watching Dexter on TV? If not I think you amy enjoy quite thoroughly the way he deals to criminals who get away with murder and the like. This series may in fact give you some great ideas on how you could deal to Ringo and never be discovered.
      A pity though we don't live in Miami and near the Everglades where there a pleny of hungry crocs waiting to digest human remains. Maybe time to get some pet piranahs perhaps?

    7. So you are obviously not a fan or Restorative Justice practices then?

    8. VG: Dexter is my HERO. He gets away with all the shit I just dream about. HE revels in blood and gore yet remains faithful to his partner and adorable children. Just like me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      Anonymous: *splutter* *choke* *Froth at mouth*

      Give me a break. After all these years I tend towards the Old Testament/Clint Eastwood/Sean Connery practices:

      "An eye for an eye"
      "Make my f*ck'n day, punk!"
      "They bring a knife, I bring a 7.62mm Gatling Gun"

      As far as I'm concerned, Restorative Practices should concentrate on restoring these bastard to their constituent atoms.


      Enough said,


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