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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Strange Scotsman (Part the Fourth)

Continuing the tale.

I would recommend that if you are reading my blog for the first time that you go back and start from The Strange Scotsman

I restarted my investigation into this guy after I heard from two of our office ladies that he'd been pestering them.  He had decided to come into their offices uninvited, plonk himself down on a chair and started to "chat them up".  No matter how many hints he'd been given, he just sat and talked.  He wasn't even on relief duties, and just turned up.  One of the  ladies told me: "Sorry to say this about a fellow Scot TSB, but he's beginning to creep me out"

At this time I'd also got feedback from the students who had been in his classes when he relieved last week, and so far it didn't seem so bad.  A couple of the students mentioned that they noticed his voice was similar to mine, but nothing he did seemed strange.

The Strange Scotsman appeared outside my office again, this time for a genuine purpose.  To allow our relieving teachers to get paid at an appropriate rate, they (and I) have to fill out numerous forms, listing previous education, degrees gained, and schools at which he had taught.  He needed certified copies of these documents, which our Principal had to sign to authenticate them.

He left all the forms with me for my signature, and for passing onto the boss for his approval.


The section on previous employment did not list actual schools, but listed some Scottish councils who had employed him.
This is a school as you might remember it

I have to digress a moment.

In Scotland, teachers are not employed directly be a school, but are contracted to a county council, who then assigns them to a particular school, so it was not unheard of listing the councils concerned, but it is normal to also add the actual school where he normally worked.

This is a school as we now experience it.

There was not one school mentioned on the list.

A Police Record

I checked back with the New Zealand Teaching Council, and yes, JV had provisional Registration.  This meant that he'd undergone the normally quite rigorous procedure of checking police records and previous teaching qualifications and experience.

A criminal record
 Another thing that bothered me was that when he had dropped in with the forms, he had chatted, actually he had lectured me on his superior characteristics as an officer and fighting man, magnificent teacher and all round superman.

An all round superman
He was definitely beginning to get on my nerves. But what stuck out was that he had mentioned in passing his familiarity and overall excellence in dealing with logistics.  He was a Loggie.  He was what used to be Royal Corps of Transport (RCT), now known as the Royal Logistics Corps, and these guys don't normally get too involved in the actual fighting, being too busy driving trucks and moving and storing pallets of ammo, food etc.
A much nicer Superperson

I got in touch with some contacts in the Army and started researching JV's military career.

Now many ex-Army, officers and men do tend to exaggerate their military experience.  If you made a list of all the so-called Paras and SAS who boast in pubs and clubs across the world, and compare them to actual Regimental numbers, they don't add up.  It's not a huge thing, but it bothered me.  If he was telling porkies about his combat experience, what else was he dissembling about?
An extreme example.  Was a part time cop in Ulster, says he was SAS and just about everything else.  See here.

My contacts got back to me with the information that:
He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the RCT (TAVR) [Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve]
He was promoted to Lieutenant a year or so later, then he seemed to disappear from the rolls. (Probably resigned)

I've got absolutely nothing against the TAVR, I was TAVR at the start, but TAVR officers didn't normally get called up for service in the Balkans, and they almost certainly don't get involved in shooting trenches up with a 9mm pistol.

Then I hit the jackpot. 

I called a couple of friends teaching in Scotland who accessed the Scottish General Teaching Council (GTC) Register, and found the real dirt.

He had been employed by a School in Glasgow, but they had serious reservations about some of his teaching methods.

I've listed their concerns below.  These were described in his hearing at the GTC.


Some of the language used is verbatim and may shock those of a delicate predisposition.

Mind you all the delicate flowers should know better than to be on this blog anyway.

1 He did  assault a pupil, by throwing a chalkboard duster at him.

2 He did conduct himself in a disorderly manner and shout and swear in the presence of 5 pupils

3 He did communicate in an inappropriate and indecent manner with a pupil in that he made reference to prostitutes and used words like “shagging prostitutes" and "shagging whores" in the presence of another pupil

4 He did communicate in an inappropriate and indecent manner with pupils in that he did make reference to the medical symptoms of gonorrhoea and used words like "custard would be dripping out of her clit" and "yellow pus from a clit' in the presence of two female pupils

Custard anyone?

5 He did communicate in an inappropriate manner with a pupil in that he did make offensive comments by using words like "sluts" and "all women are sluts" in the presence of a female pupil.

6 He did communicate in an inappropriate manner with a pupil in that he did make offensive comments by using words like "poofs" in the presence of a pupil.

7 He did  communicate in an inappropriate and indecent manner with a pupil by using words like "that’s what happens when the boys play with themselves" in the presence of another pupil. (He was referring to killing enemy troops in the Balkans)

8 He did communicate in an inappropriate manner with pupils by stating that he had killed people when he was a member of the armed forces in the presence of two pupils

9 He did  fail to maintain an appropriate professional boundary with a male pupil by taking hold of him, bending him over at the waist and reaching down between his legs.

10 He did fail to maintain an appropriate professional boundary with pupils in that he bared his chest in class to show a tattoo in the presence of a female pupil.

11 He did on 7 January 2011 whilst a Respondent with the General Teaching Council for Scotland fail to engage in a reasonable manner with the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s complaints process in that he did e-mail Mark Paxton, Investigating Officer with the General Teaching Council for Scotland using words like "do not contact me again" and "any further correspondence sent to me will be returned to you unopened" and "all GTC addresses will now also be blocked from my e-mail".

And to round it all up, when he was called to attend his final hearing with the GTC complaints and standards committee, he phoned in to say he was dead.  He did say he was his brother, who, on further examination, didn't even exist.

I should like to say in his mitigation that I personally find nothing particularly wrong with item 8, and 2 isn't that bad, while I'm sure that occasionally a blackboard duster may accidentally have dropped from my hand at a great velocity as in 1. But the rest...

And this guy had NZTC registration?

I'll try and finish this as soon as I can.

I'm also a wee bit sorry fro the length of this post, but it was intimated to me by several readers to hurry up with the bloody cliff-hanger... or else.

"Finish it, or else TSB" she said


  1. So, I gather you had a slight problem with him?

    1. Very intuitive should have been a detective. Any problem almost sorted now.

  2. How can you incorporate custard into a blog post? It's a gift

    1. I know, it's something I try and stay modest about *sigh* but it's difficult.

    2. Now for blamange (sp?) I fear that will be more of a test

    3. I've got a soft spot for blancmange, but wait, I think I've already done it in one of my earlier food-experimentation posts...I'll try and find it.

      Isn't blancmange a bit passé for California?

  3. Morning TSB. In the staffroom that guy just talked and talked and talked.

    About himself.

    1. Well, you could have warned me earlier.

      Morning by the way.

  4. OMG! That is some scary shit!

    1. Well it certainly scared the sh*t out of me when I found out, as I had emplyed the strange bugger to teach our kids. There is however more to come, whhich has far reatching ramifications.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh dear, I must have failed in my description...he was increadibly boring and self-promoting. And just a tad scary.

  6. He sounds like all the teachers that tought at my school in the 70s.

  7. Ha ha. I like your summation of Bay City Rollers.

    1. Criminal doesn't really do them justice.

      They were almost as bad as Sydney Devine or Canadian folk music.

  8. Well this guy certainly "tried" (yes those are air quotes) to get away, far away from Glasgow .... but apparently the countryside of NZ just still wasn't far enough! Pulling creepy sh*t like that follows you everywhere - or at least it should like a tattoo to warn kids

    1. Ha Ha Ha ..."tried"

      What a hoot(s) mon.

      Nope. Nowhere is far enough, and NZ can certainly qualify as nowhere in most definitions. Some people said that JV might be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but I ask you, how scary are pallets of corned beef?

    2. post traumatic what? .... no excuse for that behavior, or mouth. I have 2 daughters .... and creeps like that would get more vocabulary than they knew what to do with

    3. Completely agree. No matter what's wrong with JV, the kids have to be able to feel safe, and he certainly wasn't doing that.

      I also heard that the staff at his Glasgow school didn't feel particularly comfortable or safe when he was about...and for Glasgow, he must have been pretty bad.

  9. Was the earthquake felt in the dancing bear's office? I wonder what happened at his daughter's school?

    1. I don't know Richard, I was actually out amongst the unclean hen it happened. AND I don't mean in the staffroom.

  10. Sounds well over qualified for teaching here in OZ mate. The poor buggers need whips and a chair like Lion tamers (not like bondage freaks)

    1. Great.

      I'm certainly sure he'll fit in amongst the colony of crims, deviants and ne'er'do'wells, and might even fit into Melbourne as well.

      What's wrong with bondage freaks?

      A well-turned ankle encased in vinyl can really turn a man's head...especially if said head has a ball-gag inserted... so I've been told.

    2. It's a toss up between Sydney and Melbourne for 'den of iniquity' here in OZ, but I'm way out in central South Australia. (despite my IP often being shown as either Perth or Melbourne)
      Bondage has it's place in any healthy relationship of course but that place is out in the fields or forests of our beautiful countries...

    3. I actually like both cities and I've never been up to your neck of the woods...Coober Pedy?

      I tried bondage once, but I got all tied up emotionally

    4. What?
      Seriously Kymbo, what does Whyalla mean or imply?

  11. S-A-T-U-R-DAY NIGHT!

    Ha. I had to do that.

    The kids could have gotten an alternative eduction. Not the same old reading, writing, etc. Maybe it's a lost opportunity. Geeze. It's not like he masturbated onto the chalkboard or anything. You guys are strict.

    1. Yes I know the kids could have had an alternative look at education...maybe even an alternative look at sexual education, but I was afraid that might include rectum stretching, which is really not on.

      As far as the chalkboard jizm sprayer, we've already had one of those thank you very much, and don't want another.

      We're not really strict, we're a bunch of pussycats.

  12. THis kind of teacher would have been quite acceptable some 40 years ago or more in NZ> I remember my Year 9 Form teacher (Being HOD Art0 a very bohemian guy who swore like a trooper and smoke dope. HE was also seriously creepy around the girls and liked to take them into his office for private discussions with the door closed of course! He used a lot of sexual innuendo in his student conversations. HE was actually a brilliant art teacher though. HE was finally fired some years after I left. HE had been living with the other art teacher (a women's lib bra less freak of a woman) but she found out he was shagging one of the Year 13 girls so started a war in the staff room one day throwing all the crockery she could at him! A month later he crashed into the school bus in Akatarawa one morning and was apparently stoned. So that was the end for Mr Smith. He was sacked. Probably went back to UK after that.

    1. You are correct.

      Art teachers are a breed apart.
      Teaching whilst under the influence (alcohol or drugs) is frowned upon, and dangerous. My goodness, you might accidently stab yourself with a compass, instead of the little scrote you're aiming for.

  13. Actually I should add that this was in the mid 1970's and before they had a Teacher Registration Board (which is now the Teachers COuncil) and did regular police vetting on people working in schools. Probably teachers like this was one reason why teacher registration and vetting was introduced in 1990 (the last year my late father taught as a secondary teacher)> Prior to that they did not have any official system. TO easy to slip through the cracks theses creepy dudes, unless a Principals made a complaint to the Police. Many did not want the scandal, hence we have so many historical case now coming out of the woodwork years later, particularly with the Catholic Priests who used to teach also back then. My Dad told me so terrible stories of such teachers involved in abuse of students even in the 1950;s that meet unfavourable ends to their careers when their past eventually caught up with them and they had also ruined many young peoples lives. It can still happened even now. Look at that former male teacher from Northland who just got sentenced to an indefinite term of preventative detention in HMS Hotel.

    1. Many friends of mine loath and despise every form of Catholic education.

      Burning them with a flamethrower whilst they're impaled on a stake is too good for them.

  14. I go away for a fortnight and you get cracking on the blogging front, big time. Unlike your other readers I didn't have to wait long for the Strange Scotsman installments, so that was a bonus.
    Can you write Part 5 now, as I'm on a roll?

    1. Sorry, I didn't mean it.
      My creativity returned in a rush, and I've managed to squeeze some time into my schedule to let me post a bit.

      I'll try and get the last part out this weekend, but the story is almost done.

      Hope you've enjoyed the tale of perversion, lust and death...almost like Coronation Street, innit?


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