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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Melbourne beckons

I was wrong.

I was wrong again.

I should really be getting used to it by now.

I'm a man.  A husband. The lover of a lovely women who is bound to me (and I to her) through experiences, emotions, offspring and (I hate to be a bit crass) finances.

I should be able to handle it by now, but the (to Her) natural  assumption that the fault is mine whenever there is a communication breakdown between us still gets me a bit upset.

Never mind, all will be well.

So I booked the short holiday to Melbourne on my "Electronic Mistress" last night. Again.
Electronic Mstress?

I almost had it booked two night ago, but just as I was going to push the button which would confirm all our holiday desires (and syphon large amounts of $$$ from my credit card) my beloved suddenly asked "Are you sure you want to go to Melbourne?"
"Would you rather go somewhere else?"
"Like Queenstown, or Gisbourne?"

So I backed out of all the complicated series of flights, buses and hotels I'd set up, and went to bed.

Last night I duplicated all of our bookings, and found the prices had gone up by about $200.

It is obviously my fault.

You would think I would learn.


  1. And you seem surprised?
    I'm reminded of an earlier post of yours that juxtaposed an image of a short-haired, domestic feline animal and a long tapered flexible length of braided leather with a stiff handle.

  2. These things happen - even on ferry trips to the Isle of Man. We looked at them 3 weeks ago and thought 'hey, that's ok' and then by the time we actually booked them, they'd shot up by about £70 each.

    *cue the Muttley-style sotto voce swearing*

    Ali x

  3. Well, I'm heading to a ferry this morning not knowing if I'm going to get on. Hey, but that's the gypsy lifestyle!

  4. Ali x: I know these things happen, but why is it always MY fault? *whine, whine*
    Why isn't it my beloved's fault for changing hermind. Twice. *grate teeth, kick dog*

    Richard [of RBB] No Richard [of RBB], heading for the fery and not knowing if you're going to get on is not indicative of a gypsy lifestyle.
    It's indicative of poor planning.
    Remember, "Prior Plasnning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance."


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