For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sunny, Warm and Quiet.

View from our front deck

Lovely day in Silverstream.

Strong sunshine has raised the temperature to about 20°C, and the hills to our South East are glorious.

View from our back deck

Just finished cleaning the barbie and putting it away for the winter that is fast approaching.

Bit of weeding amongst the final year's growth.

Garden is pretty lush at the back of our house

Needs a lot of weeding and some Blood & Bone (Traditional Kiwi fertilizer)

As a final touch, I've de-rusted some metal angels a friend gave us 5 years ago, and re-painted them. I've also painted their feet to look like Hunter's Wellies
Painted Metal Angels (almost a good name for a pop group)

Ahhh.  The tranquility of the holidays.

No kids.

No staff.

No trouble.


  1. And interestingly yet another post free from a photo of a nubile female form.

    {Hmmn - I wonder if it's work that does it to him???? - in a non pervy teacher way of course!}

  2. Or perhaps, it's the fact that my beloved is about the house all the bloody time.

    Does that woman not have anything else to do?

    *whimpers quietly into small glass of whisky*

    This does not bode well for future retirement options.

    *glowers into rapidly evaporating remains of small glass of whisky*

  3. I really like the green gumboots (Hunter's Wellies) on the angel. Priceless.

  4. your comment on mine made me laugh so much I just had to come and follow......but you had me at angels!!

  5. TC: Thanks. I'd like to say it was a piece of post-modernist art, attempting to create a duplex of angst and Schrecklichkeit bringing out ironic notes by juxtaposition of an upper class symbol with a religious icon.

    I'd like to say all that but I cannot.

    It just happened that the tin of green paint (Resine's Xanadu)was the first one I found.

    Young at Heart: Thanks again for dropping in. What's up with the Angels? It wasn't a lot of fun squirting primer up under their petticoats


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