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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Chaos in Nuova Lazio

I took the day off.

I was really not very well.

My coughs managed to trigger the EQC warning of Richter 6.8.

While I was away I heard that Nuova Lazio descended into outright anarchy.

Instances include:

Viewing of Pornography by 14 year old boys.

Creation of Pornography by 14 year old girls.  (Don't completely freak out, as all they did was animate a picture of Dan Cater in close conjunction with Christina Aguillera. So it's more in the nature if blasphemy rather than Pornography)

Classes with no teachers.

No teacher = anarchy

Teachers with no classes.

Music classes actually playing RAP WITH UKULELES.


'Nuff said.

Teachers had fun.

Pupils had fun.

Maybe we should do it again next week.

For Dean.


  1. Long Live ANarchy and the Sex Pistil! (Although I think Johnny Rotten died aobout 30 years ago). Takes me back to my Youth. ANarchy rules al the time at the schools I relieve at. Two boys displayed their boxing prowess to me in a Study class at School U on Wednesday. THey even had proper Boxing Gloves. It was gettting tense and I was handing out towels and water bottles,
    while the rest of the class cheered on. Then at SChool H yesterday, I had half a dozen wee darling demonstrate thie cricket playing prowess to me by commencing a game inside the clasroom using screwed up paper balls and badminstin racqets. I applauded their innovation. BTW they were all young indian chaps. They love thier cricket. Not much Accounting got doen though, apart from keeping score of the runs. INteresting to note both theses classes weer last spell towards the end of Week 10 in an 11 week term. No wonder their teachers are exhausted. I don't know where the wee darlings get thier energy from! Must be all that junk food they eat. I know for a fact the boys in the later incidnet had just been to the "Golden Arches" for lunch as school H is very very close to the city CBD. If half your class is missing, espcially just before or after lunch, you can bet they will be at one of the many local eating establishments of choice amongst these young ones or at the local mall causing havoc. Both are within spitting distance of the school and it has been an ongoing cuase of headaches for the school's SMT.
    At lease I know they are not going hungry. But hte effects on behaviour are challenging to say the least.

  2. .... or socialism.

  3. Gosh Valley Girl, your comments are certainly long. You need a blog.

  4. Hey, I know, you could call it "A Girl in the Valley".


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