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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Off to Weta

Seeing we I am on holiday, my Beloved thought we'd "do" things together.  *shudder*

So today I'm joining a platoon of her friends on a bus, and we're all going to the Weta studios in Miramar in Wellington.

For those not in the know, Weta studios are where Sir Peter Jackson started all his special effects and model making for Lord of the Rings, and I'm actually quite looking forward to the visit.


My beloved's friends are mostly in their 80s and 90s, and going on a trip can bring back memories of Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow, or Dien Bien Phu or even my honeymoon (see earlier posts) with beleaguered representatives of the once-great British Empire struggling with the natives, the weather and of course struggling with their Zimmers.

I shudder in anticipation of some of the questions I *know* they'll be asking.

"Where's Olivia De Haviland?"

"Where did you make the model of Atlanta burning for Gone With The Wind?"

"Did you actually sink the Titanic?", closely followed by "It wasn't accurate you know, my stateroom had red curtains"

and then the questions by those partly aware of what is really going on.

Wrong director you idiot. Actually the wrong country.

"Where's the Death Star?"

"Can I try on a Storm Troopers Helmet?"

"Can you make me sound like Darth Vader?"  (only if old Darth has developed a Kiwi accent and a bad case of emphysema)

Not all of the party are gaga, there's some lovely people in the group, and I hope they can restrain their more confused friends from doing inappropriate things or shouting.

My favourite from the last time (a visit to Trentham races) was the scream from the back of the bus "Oh My God, I forgot to close the blackout curtains".  To be fair, this was on the way back home, and quite a few Brandy and Sodas had been imbibed, but a miasma of gentle confusion permeates the group, and I'll swear it's contagious.
Why else would I have forgotten that I'd promised to drive them all to their own homes after the bus had dropped us off, and had instead drunk so much beer and whisky that my beloved (who is almost teetotal) had to drive them herself?

We're supposed to be going for a tea after the tour of the studios and I'll have to resign myself in advance to the 3 hour queue at the toilets, and the obligatory bruised ankles from shakily applied Zimmer knocks, but I'll be having a good time.

I know that I'll be having a good time because my beloved has said so.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum


  1. Maybe Weta can render a CGI Olivia de Haviland for the old biddies? Phone ahead and they may be able to do something.

  2. That sounds like perfect blog fodder - get yourself along there and have a ball!

    Ali x

  3. Use a walking frame yourself - it'll help you to fit in.

  4. RBB - Good idea. TSB you can borrow the spare walking stick and frame I keep in my car for my dear Uncle when I have to transport him to appointments and the obligatory weekly visit to the Cossie Club. As for the Death Star I know where that is now - NLHS. Most who go there don't have a long expectancy - except for the few hardy old buggers like TSB, RBB & Clive, who buck the trend, and Ringo who has delusions of granduer. The rest of us have flown off to seek fulfillment in other domains. Enjoy spending a day with the old folk TSB - they can be fun too. I enjoy my visits to Uncle's rest home. There are some real characters there. I find them a refreshing change from the turbulent teens we have to deal with on a daily basis. All too soon we will be considered "old" too, and probably are already by our students.

  5. A mathematical equation=>

    Old Folk > Agent Comeinyourpants > R(of RBB) > TSB > most other people

  6. A Chinese mathematical formula:

    8/8/1952 = LUCK.

    (Lucky number 8 and Year of the Dragon)

    When they find out my birthday they will all be wanting to touch me.

  7. Shackleford Hurtmore: A CGI Olivia De Haviland actually sounds quite cool. I wonder if they can make a 3D virtual sex-toy of OdH?

    That sounds so wrong.

    AliX: Just wait,there's more to come.

    Richard [of RBB]:thanks for the advice. I think I'll use rollerskates instead.

    Valley Girl: Cossie club is great during a rugby match. Great atmosphere and cheap beer. And not a walking frame in sight.

    Richard [of RBB]: What are you on? Have you been smoking that special rosin again?

    TC: Oh for goodness sake, I'm starting to completely lose it. I have absolutely no idea what you're all writing about. And seeing that it's my bloody blog, I'm getting a bit miffed.


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