For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I have arrived

Last week I was honoured.

It was proof that I had arrived in New Zealand society, such as it is.

I had noticed that some of my colleagues had forgotten my contact numbers, and when they went off sick, they found that they couldn't contact me.  I had given them all a little bit of paper with all my details, but the dozy sods had misplaced them or to be fair, the flimsy bit of paper had disintegrated.

Number?   You have a number?  Don't want it.

So I re-composed the information (Geordie Lad had noticed that the school telephone number was wrong.  Over 70 dedicated teachers e.g. control freaks, hadn't noticed this rather vital datum for over 3 months.  Well done Geordie Lad.) and gave it to our school office to see if they could laminate them, but our clever K**** suggested "Why don't you get some business cards made up" so she gave them to N******, who with the approval of our business manager printed off a couple of hundred.

So I have my own School Business Card.

I felt so full of self-importance that for a giddy moment I actually identified with Ringo, and I had to spend the next 5 minutes bashing my head against the wall until the feeling went away.  It hurt, but it was worth it.

The cards are rather natty, and after distributing them to the staff, I still have a pile in my little office to give to new relieving teachers.  I also made up a few extra to slip into the pile, just to give me a little amusement. 

I think I deserve it. 

After all I've got a card.


  1. Is it just me or does "Co-ordinator of Relief" sound like a pimp?

  2. TC: Yep, my social standing has deteriorated to such an extent that I'm barely ahead of Real Estate Agents.

  3. You think you have a card - some might think you are one!!!

  4. I rang 04 555 5555 and got some strange Norwegian message which I think said something along the lines of "You've rung a non-existent number in Norway to your great cost."

    Not really. My friend lives in Norway and has a similar suffix.

  5. Alistair: You rogue you, you have a way with words. Actually I am a card, "I'M THE JOKER" hahahahahahahahaha


    Looby: Welcome. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. The last time I tried that number I was in Edinburgh, and I swear I got connected to a Brothel attached to Edinburgh Zoo. Lion fun?? I didn't ask.

  6. Settle down TSB - Don't go getting any delusions of granduer - it will only lead to tears. Everything in this life is temporary. Nothing lasts. Nothing is certain except for Death and Taxes. Some things you just can't avoid. Well I applaud you on gaining a Business Card. I am surprised this decison was not vetoed by Ringo. I too have a business card. Really they are not that special and slightly over-rated. Mine is a beautiful specimen, embellished in red and black and silver with the bird like logo of the IT company I used to work for who are now defunct and have been superceeded by Jade. A great kiwi IT company in it's heydey too. My title is listed as Senior Consultant. I was the first woman in my regional branch to be promoted to this title/position. My boss thought it would be a good idea for me to have a large stock of them, so ordered over 500. Shortly after this, I discovered I was expecting my first bambino and I never got to use all my cards up on official business. However I still have them, and hand them out to associates when I see the need. Despite the fact the phone numbers are out of date (I quickly scrawl my new ones on). It shows that I was once someone of special title. Well I still consider I am a consultant but in different domains - Education, IT,Life, etc. However after today's relief assignment the novelty is starting to wear off a bit and I am beginning to feel like an "on-call" hooker, and not of the rugby position either. I have several clients on my books. The pay is great, and I take bookings in hour blocks. I have special "Added Value" services in my areas of expertise and can do more than a few tricks. But something is missing. That feeling of love and belonging. I feel my popularity and demand are only fleeting not enduring, especially over the winter months. Sigh! But at least I have my own business card! Well TSB we must exchange our cards. I think mine is the better one, but I had no part in the design process. Why did you not get your wee darlings to design you some sample cards in your ICT classes? That would have been an interesting and authentic learning experience for them. Better go now. Got to go and help a friend write up a Business Plan for a new business ventrue. I must ask her if she has a business card yet. (BTW- No, my friend is not setting up or purchasing a brothel in case that is waht you were wondering!). TTFN.

  7. I'm getting a card with Richard (of RBB) on it. I don't know why - not many people read my blog.

  8. I wonder if Agent Comeinyourpants has a card for his blog? Nope, don't think so.

  9. "I wonder if Agent Comeinyourpants has a card for his blog? Nope, don't think so."

    Wrong. Check my blog:

  10. Valley_Gurl: I only wanted something to show my contact info, because people kept forgetting them.I would not let my wee "darlings: try and design a card. I'd probably end up in the pokey if I used it.

    Like the idea of a brothel it like a fly buys? more visits more points?

    Richard [of RBB}: Not yet probably, but seeing as he's becoming an "agent" he'll probably end up with a holographic card. (See the parasite from all sides!)

    Patience_Crabstick: So do I. No I don't. Yes I do. See, it's easy.

    TC: Wow. I like your taste.

  11. TC: OOps, that wasn't what I meant. I really meant to say that I liked your ideas on card design, not that you taste nice. Not that you don't taste nice. Not that I know or care. Shit...I do care but not in that way. Oh bugger, that wasn't right either. I give up and I'm going back to bed.


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