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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Deer Food

One of the reasons we came out to Godzone was to get some of that fresh, clean, organic food. Sold in country markets by rustic bumpkins, at increadibly low prices.
The reality of supermarkets wasn't a complete shock, but we found that it was more difficult to get game.
Game (wild animlas sold for meat, like pigeons, venison and rabbit) is sold in Scotland by specialist butchers, and we couldn't see any in NZ.
Then a friend of a friend told us he had about 14kg. of 1 week old, properly hung venison.

My wife is a superb cook. There is almost nothing she cooks that I do not like.
But the venison stew she made for dinner last night was something else.
Simply cooked (browned gently, simmered for about 3 - 4 hours with red wine (a 2008 Hawkes Bay Merlot Cabernet), juniper berries, bay leaves, onions and garlic)
Served with buttery and creamy mash potatoes and spinach. We ate it with a couple of glasses of the same wine it was cooked in (It might not have been a superb vintage TWG, it was actually a clearskin from a supermarket, but the wine was fruity, with a long pleasant aftertaste,
It was the best meal I'd had in years. The taste was so savoury, so mouth-filling, so absolutely delicious that I begged my beloved to write down the recipe (she's an instinctive cook) so we could have it again very very soon.
There's actually a little left. I'll be taking it into Stalag Luft Nuova Lazio tommorrow, as my contribution to the escape party's rations.
I lie.

I'm going to eat it myslef, to suport my meagre frame when we, the Senior Captive Officers, are subjected to an intensive interrogation by the Fuhrer and his senior Party members, as to our intentions in keeping the other prisoners entertained (and even educated) next year, when the EdukationMinistrie puts out the next diktat.

God, I hope there's some vension left for our meal after the interogation.
I've a feeling I'll need it.


  1. 2008 was a superb Hawkes Bay vintage.
    The wine, being cleanskin, could well have been a top notch one from a good producer, maybe Sileni. Wines that producers cannot sell (not for quality reasons) they sell off bottled and unlabelled so as to protect their brand franchise.

    I feel sorry for Bambi.


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