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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 4 June 2010

Fridays can be good

Friday at last, but not a completely normal Friday.
Today is report day, when I start printing our junior school reports. This is not a simple job of just pushing a couple of buttons, I've got to go through quite an involved process configuring KAMAR and printers to work in harmony (reminds me of a 70s song, the title of which has gone) and constanly checking the output. KAMAR (the all-powerfull) demands constant sacrifice, so I've got to keep checking the stuff coming of the printer is correct. KAMAR (the capricious) does some odd things if not placated. Last year I thought I'd had enough of the constant ministrations, so clicked the buttons to print of the whole school. Oh Dear, KAMAR (the mighty) was not amused, the printouts came out OK, but in a scrambled order, all the form classes mixed up in the year groups. I do it now class by class.
Today is another of my "heavy" days, with the same 4 classes from yesterday. I know some of you out there will laugh lightly about a 4 spell day being thought of as heavy, but when you have one of your teachers off with morning sickness, and one away to the UK, so you have to ensure that some work is available for the classes, and you have the reports to complete, believe me, it's heavy.
Lastly I'm not feeling to well. I'm developing the sore throat, chesty cough and sore eyes which seem to be indicative of the Nuova Lazio bug. Absolutely bloody perfect timing. Why do I always get sick just before a long weekend. Is it dedication to the job. I don't think so. I've obviously pissed off one of the Kiwi Gods. I'll make much sacrifce of whisky and then feel better. (In this context, sacrifice means drink)


  1. Good luck with the reports Twisty.

  2. Spare a little thought for our computer guy, yesterday he had to print junior and senior reports and he had to do it with the crappy MUSAC system (maybe that system is better for printing but I doubt it cause it is not better in anyway I have discovered yet)

  3. You are doing something wrong if you getting sick in your own time. Stop it. It is not right. Dr can sort it out printing you? He knows a lot about things? Go HOME my advice.

  4. " the crappy MUSAC system"
    Did Richard (of RBB) have something to do with this?

  5. Thank you for your support. No Curmy it's MUSAC not MUSIC, a semi-obsolete school/student management system.
    Richard (of RBB)has nothing to do with MUSAC. Come to think about it, apart from his superb bass playing, he doesn't really have anything to do with MUSIC as well. :)

  6. "Come to think about it, apart from his superb bass playing, he doesn't really have anything to do with MUSIC as well. :)"
    The thing that annoys me about those little ":)" things is that the ")" is usually preceded by a "(".
    I like order in my life.
    Hey Twisty, I hope your report run went well.
    I'm just home from my gig and it's nearly 1am. I can't remember when I was last up this late!


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