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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wet, Cold Tuesday

Global Warming?
It's been a miserable two weeks of cold wet weather.
Everyone has the cold or 'flu.
So to cheer us up, we've booked a holiday in the Lucky Country.
Yep, we're off to Cairns in July.

Ah Australia. Land of Sun, warm blue water, blue skies, lethal jellyfish, snakes & spiders.

Will be fun. Then off to Alice Springs and Uluru.

At least it'll be warm. And dry.

But back to good old Stalag Luft Nuova Lazio for another bracing day of education.

We were told at appell (see the Colditz Story) that one of our new Junior Führers had been posted to the Eastern Front. Not Stalingrad, even worse, Porirua!
Poor bastard. He's a really nice guy and a dedicated christian(but not a bible thumper). He'll be missed. He's always supportive, considerate and best of all he's bloody competent and efficient. When you look at his attitude to work and to his colleagues compared to his predecessor, it makes me worried that we'll revert to the previous distribution of duties amongst the junior Führers.
Ringo in power again? Shudder.
Of course the posting to Porirua will make a vacuum in the power structure.
Now the intrigue will start.
The quiet mumbling over coffee. Who will make the first move.
This time there's so many variables.

Will the previous Führer return from his campaign in the desert?
Will the acting ReichsFührer try to stay in power
Will ObersturmbahnFührer von Ringo attempt a putsch?
What happens when the Führermädchen returns from study leave at the ViktoriaInstitute.
What happens to the current acting Führermädchen.
It's like the supposed Chinese curse.
May you live in interesting times.

Almost as bad as our current motto.

Arbeit macht frei

Have a nice day now.


  1. It is shaky ground to say the least. What worries me is that things could actually get worst before they get better.

  2. I think the only thing we can count on is that Ringo will go for the power play. I have written off 2010.


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