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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sleep-in Saturday

Too busy yesterday to post anything on the blog.
Reports all finished, printed and posted to the expectant kids and parents.
Nuova Lazio High was virtually empty by 4:00.
Just a few dedicated souls (not me, I was just too tired to move)completing lesson plans for next week, or setting relief for their classes next week.

That last one gives me pause.

How many other jobs do you have to do your work before you get time off.
In teaching, if you have say a doctors appointment during the day, you are expected to plan a lesson for the class(es) you are missing. Have all resources found or created and ready for the class(es), together with a list of pupils and their photographs, everything ready for your temporary replacement.
Even if you phone in sick, you are expected to provide something similar.
When you get back, it's quite common for you to be given the kid's work to mark for feedback.

So time off is not really time off.

Most of us would rather fight our way through a bad cold/flu/Lurgy or whatever, rather than take time off. It's often a lot less hastle.

Going to look at some show houses today.

We might have the option to purchase a really beautiful section in a semi-rural location, quite close to where we are now. My beloved has a really bad back, and we have to be prepared for a time when she will probably have to go into a wheelchair, so building a house with customised access is a definite possibility.

Weather here is still chilly and wet.
I must be getting old, this winter seems colder and wetter than any I can remember in NZ.

Not in Scotland. Even a mild winter in Scotland would seem like a nightmare, even to a farmer in the deeps South.
Be grateful.
You don't know how lucky you are!


  1. Sorry to hear about your beloved.

    They take my guitars when I'm not there.

  2. Who takes your guitars?
    The liitle people responsible for the voices in your head?

  3. I'm only interested in ouds. You can keep your guitars.
    Bin Hire

  4. This site is overdue for an update.

  5. Sorry, try agin in 30 minutes, I was too involved in reading all about wonderful Bremen.
    (It's not as nice as Hamburg-am-Main)


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