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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Monday, 14 June 2010

Mondays now officially suck

Oh dear,
the "something else" I had forgotten about in this morning's post was a presentation about a ?methodology? about behavioural control in our swarming army of proto-humans.
I put the question marks in because, as ashamed as I am of admitting it, I fell asleep.
I was not alone.
I know for a fact that HorseMan dropped off, because WhaihaiMan told me.
He actually told me that he was glad I hadn't actually started snoring.
God it was boring, and it was a shame, because behavioural issues with the kids are important.
We had a very keen and earnest young lady (with very good legs) from the Mainland discussing the new Ministry thrust.
In summary, (from what I remember between blank areas)the MOE recognise there is a problem.
The MOE does not want to punish the reprobates.
We have to model good behavioural practices for the little angels, so presumably they will copy their elders (and betters?)
It hasn't worked for the last 50 years, so I don't honestly believe that it will start working now.

Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical.
Maybe it'll actually work.
Maybe the All Whites will win the World Cup.
Maybe Ringo doesn't have a hidden agenda.



  1. Ringo does. He's getting the band together.
    It won't replace restorative but run along side it.

  2. "We had a very keen and earnest young lady (with very good legs) from the Mainland"
    Very good legs? Is that appropriate? Actually, her blond colleague who sat and didn't speak had the nicest legs. Surprising that I noticed, considering my eyes were also shut most of the time. But I have an excuse, I'm older than you.

  3. Her blonde colleague also had a vaguely B&D style (in the classroom) skirt. Only Ringo thinks his agendas are hidden.

  4. Sorry to sound so naive, but what is B&D. I'm pretty sure it's not Black & Decker, but that's about all.


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