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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Daughters and Gadgets

After reading J-P's lovely post on his daughter Eleanor, I began to feel a bit homesick for my daughter in Scotland. She is living with her husband near St. Andrews. He's a nice guy, and they seem fairly happy.
But I miss her. I believe there's a small chance they may emigrate to sunny NZ sometime in the future.
I would dearly love to have them living down here, I think the life style would suit them both.
To help allay this feeling of loss, I went down to the garage and resurrected a webcam I'd bought last year. For some reason it never installed properly, and I gave up in disgust.
Yes. I know I teach ICT.
Yes, I know I've got a Masters in Computing Science
Yes I know I've been in computing for over 20 years, and have the newest version of Windows 7 with all the bells and whistles.
Sometimes computers do strange things.
Live with it.
What do you know, it installed perfectly.
I hope to try video conferencing with my daughter and son-in-law soon.
Today even.
Until then here is the first webcam picture from my new gadget.

I know that my beloved (like many women)objects to men playing with their new toys.
It's NOT PLAYING. it's called finding out HOW THE HELL DOES THIS WORK (the actual title of this blog)
In 6 months time, when the light of my life wants to find out how to take a picture of our little dog on-line, or how to change the camera settings to make her look better (if that were possible!!)when she's talking to our daughter or friends on a video chat, then she wants (demands)a quick and accurate set of instructions (in non-technical language of course)on how to do it.
So to all the ladies out there, we're not playing, we're getting prepared for your needs by exploring the software.
The picture was taken at 11:30 on Sunday mroning. Please note the sunshine streaming in the windows. The sun does actually shine here in the South of the North Island.
Also please note that I live about 20 km from Nuova Lazio. They've probably still got a thick layer of fog over there. (or smoke from the Mary Jane plants they're burning off before the nice police officers come calling)
Enjoy your sunny Sunday.
Enjoy new technology.
Enjoy beating the Springboks to a pulp (again)
Go the ABs


  1. TSB, you look very handsome in that picture.

  2. Its amazing what subdued lighting and a very interesting, lovely and distracting backdrop will do.

  3. Thank you Richard (of RBB), I try. I find daily mosturising with 3 in 1 oil helps, and a weekly exfoliation using 160 grit sandpaper puts on the final sheen.

    Don't get jealous TC, although I admit this corner of our home is my favourite.


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