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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Oh God, I forgot it's WEDNESDAY

Yes, it's that day of tortures.

The day we teachers get a strong reminder of what our pupils go through during a class they really don't want to be in.

The day we teachers get a dose of our own medicine (probably Castor Oil)

The day we get PD.

I don't mind the Bring and Brag, I think I mentioned it before, but we can all learn from practical examples of good and bad practice.
It's the "New Directions in Pedagogy" type of thing that makes me feel ill.
The junior Führermädchen in charge is really trying her best, and to be fair, she is making a better job of it than the previous dedicated Führermädchen.
But it is still mind-numbingly BORING.
The only good thing about Wednesday is that it is my TWO PERIOD DAY, yahoo, yahlay.
I can spend it as I see fit.
I could have an extra cup of coffee in the staffroom annex. (The Shed)
I could have a nap sprawled across several chairs in the staffroom (done many times by Ross Selwood of immortal memory)
I could read a book.
I could plan out some work, do some marking (every day; marking, marking, marking), make some resources for me or for my department.
I could go and observe another teacher teaching (the best way I think we learn new and better techniques)
I could go and volunteer to take another teacher's class, so they could get a break.(just joking, I may be mad, but I'm not daft)
Time to go.
I hope all my readers (if any) enjoy their day.
Mine's going to start bad.
Before PD

After PD

1 comment:

  1. Oh god! Warnings please!!! I was eating breakfast while reading this and almost made a mess of the computer and would have had to start breakfast again


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