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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday at LAST

We made it.
We survived.
Basket Guy mentioned in his blog that he wondered why it was that even though we got 4 holidays a year, teachers seem so knackered after just 10 or 11 weeks.
The truth is that kids are emotional vampires. They will suck out and absorb every scintilla of emotion, enthusiasm and knowledge that a teacher expresses.
It is why the "good" teachers are just as, or even more exhausted than the norm. If you give more, they take more.
When I first started teaching (I was in my 40s)my beloved mentioned that she had never seen me more exhausted every day. For the first time I began to take quick naps on the couch before the T.V.
I find it fun and fulfilling, but we still need a break to recharge. The kids do to.
So today I'm stocking up with lollies for the kids, and really looking forward to our break in Sunny, Warm Oz.
One more day.


  1. After today I too feel the exhaustion. I had to hold out to finish today's concerts. Emotional Vampires I agree. Sometimes, some individuals are like standing in front of an emotional vortext. Or a void. I'm not sure which. Now I have a cold and about to have a Whiskey. I am sure you Sir, will appreciate.

  2. Yes, I'm buggered too. Just back from my gig, which went well.
    Rest easy, teaching guys.

  3. Rest easy guys.
    Our work is done.
    Eternal rest.
    Well maybe not qute eternal, but 2 weeks will do nicely.

  4. Please explain 'buggered'.
    Aurel Mueller

  5. I'll leave Richard (of RBB) to explain it Liebe Aurel.
    As a musician and arty-farty type, he's more familiar with the concept.


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