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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Second Last Thursday

Two days to go. The light is visible at the end of the tunnel. It has been a long 11 weeks. Everyone, pupils and staff are getting tired and irritable (there's a good Scots word for this. It's 'Crabbit'.

All of the hard stuff is finished.
The last report evening went off last night. 2pm to 5pm in a large, mostly empty icy cold gym. No coffee easily available. I saw 8 groups of parents, caregivers and offspring. Some good discussion, some awkward moments, some plans set.
22.5 minutes available for each group. They normally finished in 5. I was bored, cold and fed up. All of my marking had been finished. Many of us got up and wandered around. Some lucky buggers had their desks and chairs positioned below the gym heaters and were reasonably comfortable. Some had been positioned in front of the doors, and an icy wind made them very uncomfortable.
No sarcastic comments.
No advanced cynicism.
Too tired.


  1. I have never seen you crabbit.
    I've always admired your patience, especially at report time.

  2. Sandy MacTavish is walking home with too much to drink, finally he decides to lie down by the side of the road for a wee sleep. In the morning a fellow Scot is walking down the same road with a live chicken under his arm. The chicken is squawking and wings a flapping. Sandy awakes to the noise, rubs his eyes and says that it brings a tear to his eye when he hears the pipes.
    Aurel Mueller

  3. Thanks Richard (of RBB), but I do. I just scream silently inside my head. I get these headaches you know, but my doctor says I might be allowed out quite soon.
    It's not the voices.
    I can stand the voices.
    It's the impulse to rip their throats out with my teeth when I see 9NL that worries me.

    TWG. ?????

    Aurel, thank you for your comment. I would like to point out that when making a comment, you might find it convenient to actualy logon with your account, so we all know who is really making the post. BTW, only a German would find that "joke" funny.
    Did you know that there are a large number of Germans of Scottish descent living in Prussia. King Friedrich Wilhelm 1 started it with hsi search for the tallest men in Europe to join his Potsdam Guards, and at that time many Scots joined. There was also a large immigration in the 18th century of over 80,000. The Scots had a good reputation as honest hard workers, and many worked as wide ranging peddlars.
    An East Prussian proverb said, "Warte bis der Schotte kornmt": " Wait till the Scot
    comes" as a term of enthusiasm.


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