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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Monday, 19 July 2010

Lunch at Logan Brown

For those poor inhabitants of Aoteroa who do not abide in or near Wellington, my commiserations. Here in the capital we have a great restaurant, Logan Brown (LB), which once again has gained the accolade of Best in NZ.
Normally we don't eat out at posh restaurants very often, not just because of the cost, but because I really hate dressing up, and that is one of the reasons LB is so good.
It's not stuffy.
It's got a great atmosphere.

The old bank building in Cuba Street helps, and it has been thoughtfully decorated in subtle colours. It's not garish. The waitstaff are attentive and courteous, but not pushy or smarmy. They don't wear ties, but a neat smart uniform, perfectly in tune with the general ambiance, which is mart yet casual.
We observed many diners in suits and ties, some in suits without ties, some in polo shirts, some in tee shirts. A huge mix, all comfortable with each other.
LB are offering a winter warmer Bistro Lunch at $39.50.
This is a 3 course lunch from a limited choice menu, and includes a glass of wine.
We had:
Freshly baked bread roll, butter and olive oil/balsamic dip
Blue Cod croquettes with avocado salsa
I had Belly pork braised with spices and black pudding, while my beloved had the turkey confit.
We also ordered a side of roasted Portobello Mushrooms (extra)
We both finished with the Lemon cake and vanilla marscapone.
The wine was a Cloudy Bay Riesling.
I had an espresso to finish (extra)

The total bill for the two of us was $95.
The portions were not large but adequate, and the food was really well cooked and presented. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and will return again.
I know that it seems a lot for a lunch, but think back to the last time you went out for a cafe brunch. We went to what was "The Screaming Turtle" in Petone, and for the usual mix of egg, bacon, hash browns, coffee etc, we payed about $40, only half of the bill at LB.
LB is good value, I would recommend it.
Booking essential.


  1. At a semi recent quiz, i won, with my quiz team, a $200 voucher to Logan Brown, we are going on the 23rd. I am really looking forward to it - even more so after reading this

  2. Well done.

  3. The cat seems to be eating a chicken or lamb dish. Assuming that the dish is not curried or too highly spiced I would think that a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir would go better with it than beer.

  4. The Wine Guy is a snob!
    Bin Hire
    ps. في بعض البلدان القط هو مصدر الطعام الذي العزيزة.

  5. Nice. Logan Brown is very classy and I love the food there on the few occasions I have visited. I spent Sunday swimming my little guy at Porirua in door pools. That was nice too! We had lunch in the café there, I had chips, he had a hot dog. Cost - 12 dollars. I would recommend too - booking not essential.

  6. Calm down Bin,
    He's not a snob.
    He's just a very naughty boy.

    As I told my class yesterday, "I'm not a snob, but I can recognise my social inferiors when I see them"

  7. "The cat seems to be eating a chicken or lamb dish"

    Look at the cat. It is obviously stoned out of it's tiny feline skull.
    Under those conditions it doesn't matter what you are eating or drinking. Just munchies.
    As regards the choice of beverage, I believe that a light beer, Lager or Pilsner goes along pretty well wit almost any savoury food.
    Actually the more beer I drink, the better it tastes.


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