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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Saturday and Survived

What a pleasant feeling to wake up without the buzzing of an alarm. No need to go into school at Nuova Lazio for two weeks.
Cuddle up back under the covers of the warm bed.
How is it that you can be warm sitting in a heated room, or under a blazing sun, but the warmth of snuggling under a quilt is so much more delightful?
Last day on Friday was thankfully uneventful, at least as far as the pupils went.
Basket Guy was running a stage show for the kids called MyTube, and by all accounts was a great success. Richard (of RBB) was doing the music and sound system stuff, so we didn't see much of them for most of the day.
Recognising our closeness to exhaustion, Der Fuhrer shouted a morning tea, and not just pikelets. Potato topped savouries, pies and sausage rolls by the kilo. Much needed and much appreciated. If you've never been in a staffroom when they deliver food, all you need to picture the scene is to have watched a nature program. The way that vultures swoop and tear at a dead Gnu, or the way that Hyenas burrow their way into the guts of a Wildebeast will give you a idea.
You have to really watch where you put your hands, someoone might rip it of.
The stress of the last day really got to some of us. I spotted crying, sobbing, weeping, screaming, shouting, nervous tics and twitches. And that was one person over 5 minutes.
One of our staff fell at the last gate. The other Scot in my department succumbed to a seizure just before lunch. He was conscious as they wheeled him away to the ambulance, but not quite compos mentis. Poor guy, he was due to start work in a school over the hill next term. I think he finds our kids hard work.
He's right of course. Our kids are very hard work, but mostly it's worth the effort.
Looking out of the windows, I can see blue sky and a pinky sunrise.
I wonder if this is some sort of good omen. I really haven't seen much sun or sky for 4 weeks. It's been gray, wet and cold. Just like Scotland.
But that's the reason I travelled 13,000 miles. To get away from the cold and gray.
Ah well.
Never mind.
Cairns on Monday.


  1. What is being Cairns? Some special ceremony among teachers in New Zealand? In Bremen we are in the middle of a term and no holidays for a while. Still, the German children giving us little problems only. Enjoy your break and the airns ceremony.
    Aurel Mueller

  2. Hi Aurel, wie gehts?.
    A cairn is a mound of earth or stones where we ritually sacrifice 'models' of the worst kids in the school.
    We Kiwis strongly believe in sympathetic magic, and we know that if we mangle a model of an unfavourite pupil, then the pupil will suffer.
    Suffering is good. It builds character.
    Das ist ganz in meinem Sinne.

  3. I am now knowing you are a joking fellow.
    Aurel Mueller


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