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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I was right, it was a bastard of a day

I predicted a hard day of relief, but it got much, much worse.

Two of our young lady teachers caught simultaneous colds and couldn't come in.
Ringo prevailed against medical, dental and astrological advice and came into work. (Damn, the wax doll and red-hot needle technique still isn't consistently reliable)

The class conference went ahead, needing about 7 lessons covered.
All of my relieving teachers had gone sick, were booked, had buggered of to Oz (Australia), had moved house, had changed phone numbers and hadn't told me, had had a stroke, been de-registered for a suspicious incident involving a rabbit, a carrot and two vibrators (Narrow escape there. I could have booked him and then been presented with a twisted disfigured corpse when the boys of our League team found out about his activities.  Just as well I confiscated his camcorder with attached fibreoptic last Term)
Well, well, well. What were you videoing?

I eventually managed to get two relievers, but had to make up the rest with internal cover, which is why Richard [of RBB] almost ended up showing a DVD of "Edward Scissorhands" to a semi-feral year 9 class.  He changed to showing them "Deliverance" instead; a much safer option.  Especially as he can play the Banjo.


Then one of our other lady teachers succumbed to external stress and the bunch of feral sub-humans called 9EXL and had a meltdown, which necessitated arranging some more emergency cover.

Then we ran out of milk.

To be accurate we ran out of full-cream milk as we still had some of that thin semi-skimmed stuff, but it just wasn't the same, and I could feel my energy levels draining.

Then I had to teach for 4 hours straight.

Right through lunch and not stopping until about 7:00 pm. so my students could complete their assessments and then I had to do all the bloody paperwork involved with these damned external assessments.

Then home to a lovely bowl of spicy Chili con Carne from my Beloved.

Then the phone calls and texts started for tomorrow.

It never ends.

Neverending legs. 

(It's been moths since I've had a pretty girl on a post. So there)


  1. "Then one of our other lady teachers succumbed to external stress and the bunch of feral sub-humans called 9EXL and had a meltdown."
    That's intertesting because some ferals in the class I had bosted of making a lady teacher cry. I didn't get involved in the conversation, so that they wouldn't get any extra pleasure or cudos. Poor lady, whoever she was. On days like that I'm glad I'm an old battle hardened slightly senile teacher.

  2. sounds like a war zone out there guys. You have my sympathy.

  3. Oh dear life does'nt get any easier out there at NLHS does it?
    Well I have had a mix of Jury servce and relief teaching this week. So far no one has made me cry. But you never know it could happen any day any time to us sensitive ladies espcially if we have PMS (Putting up with Men's Stupidity).

  4. Richard[of RBB]: You're never senile Ricahrd [of RBB]; confused, befuddled and even doolally perhaps, but never senile.

    Alistair: It seems like that to us as well sometimes, but not thankfully allways. Thanks for the sympathy, but to be truthful, I prefer Laphroig.

    VG: Sitting in the jury, looking at the (obviously) guilty, and sitting behind your desk looking at the lovely NLHS kids isn'tso far apart. Why do you women keep greetin' (Scots for having a bloody weep)
    Harden up.
    There's no such thing as PMS, it's just an attack of the vapours.

  5. It's pretty feeble to call in sick for a cold. When I worked in an Emergency Department, the staff were often sicker than the patients.

  6. Patience_Crabstick:Well it depends. When women get a cold, it's just a little sniffle, and no reason to stay off work.
    When blokes get cold, it's so severe it's indistinguishable for pneumonia or pneumonic plague. According to my beloved, anyway.

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