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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Another Perfect Day in Paradise

Woke up at 6:00 am to a beautiful pink sky.
Went back to bed (after a little drinkie)

Got up again at 8:30 and had a coffee while admiring the view (see above)

Had breakfast of freshly picked melon, proscuttio and a nectarine.
Went for a 5 mile gentle cycle, and returned to have a glass of a local chardonnay.

Went to a local vineyard for lunch; gazpacho, tasting platter of meats and olives, accompanied by an absolutely fabulous Semillon (Clearview Estate, 2010 Reserve).

On the way home, picked up a basket of nectarines right off the tree.  Juice dripping off of my beard.  A bit unsanitary, but delicious.

Ah well, time for my nap.

Did I mention the weather?

Cloudless, fluorescent blue sky.  Gentle cooling breeze coming in off of the sea.

The hammock calls.


  1. Smug git!!

    {walks off grumpily looking for another jumper....}

  2. Might see you soon. Wer'e off up that way tommorow. Another attempt to have a nice few days away in Napier. This time we hope no close relatives will kark it like in September (When my dear 90yr old Uncle snuffed it the morning after we arrived and we beat a hasty retreat back home as being the closest next of kin I had to make all the arrangements).

    Hoping for a better time this time.

  3. So What happenned to the old "Red sky in the morning, shepherd's (sailor's) warning".

    Pleased to see that you are having a nice time. I'm envious. Clearview is a nice spot with great wine (Chardonnay, yum!)

  4. May I just echo Alistair.....SMUG GIT!!!

    My morning: Get up in the dark. Feel the radiators and wonder why they haven't come on yet. Stagger to bathroom. Realise, in blinding yellow glow of bathroom light that it is only 6.30am, not 7.30am.

    Go back to bed. Too cold now. Get up. Go downstairs to kitchen. Boil kettle (huddling for warmth around the steam).

    Yeah - I'd poke you in the eye right now if you were here. Mind you, if you were here we'd both be sitting in the semi dark.

  5. Wish I lived in a country that produced excellent Semillon. Although we might be soon, if current trends continue.

  6. Alistair: Sorry *hehehe* Go and eat some nice nourishing and warming porridge.

    VG: We must have passed on the road, I'm back in sunny Silverstream now. Do try the Clearview Vinyard for some nice eats and free wine tasting. Gorgeous Semillon.

    Richard [of RBB]: Thanks, I'll try and relax. Whisky and vino helps.

    TC: I don'tknow. Maybeit was just a generally pink sky. It definitely didn't rain that day. I tried their Chardonnay and it was quite lovely, but their Semillon was outstanding. I could quite happily convert from red to white if all whites were as good as this. Have you tried it?

    Ali X: Sorry. Been there, got the T-Shirt. I used to hate getting up in the cold dark morning in bonny ecosse. It was only the Glasgow (Dalziel's)rolls and beef ham that kept me going. That and the City Bakery mutton pies.

    looby: No matter how much the climate changes, I just cannot imagine a Semillon being produced in Lancaster. It's just so wrong somehow. Goosbarry shandy maybe.

    Laoch: Not large, gigantic.

  7. Juice dripping off of my beard........don't you just hate that!!

  8. YaH: I didn't know you had a beard. It's also a bastard to get chip grease off.


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