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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Monday, 2 January 2012

Sometimes I Wonder

It's been a quite week on the blogging front. Almost everyone is too busy socialising with friends and family to bother doing much about their blogging, so when I sat down for an hour to catch upon everyone's posts, I was finished in about 10 minutes.

We're having about a dozen friends around for a large lunch about 1:00pm, everything is prepared, my Beloved was having a little snooze (NOTHING to do with the glass of bubbly she had swigged drunk) so I thought I'd use the Next Blog button on blogger to see what was new and possibly different in the blogging world.

Now I've professed that I'm an atheist, but what I encountered almost made me wonder if there is a Big Guy up there, having some fun at my expense.

Oh, I am so going to make you pissed off, TSB

Without exception, every blog the Next blog button took me to had some sort of religious message, some quite strident, some rather more subdued.

In order I was taken to :
Doesn't muck about, the first quote from the bible in less than a paragraph
Anonymous blogger, very happy clappy
A Scottish pastor living in England, with some rather strange ideas about David's MIGHTY MEN.
A rather scary American one, for christian law enforcement.
Started quite well with some general comments about family, then straight into bible study.  Has a set of links to modern gospel songs. I'll leave that for Richard [of RBB] to research.
All about prayers.  This site seems to have gone inactive but a new one, has replaced it.  Also a bit happy clappy, and from the USA.
Quite interesting, about a malaysian christian.  Lots of references to food.  Actually lots more references to food than to just about anything else.
This one is a doozy.  I've hit the mother lode. Not only a sort-of-christian, she's founded her own cult.  Rather negative comments on homosexuals vis a vis "burning in eternal hell for their sins", which is a little strange as she's called her cult "Pure Joy International".  A laugh a minute. Highly recommended.
CAUTION like many of this type beware the instant donation button, "To send a lady on a retreat" 
This one's definitely on the weird side.  A mix of prayers, poems and diatribes.  I don't think this one would react kindly to any sort of cynical criticism, but give it a try if your life insurance is paid up.
This one's hardcore Catholic, basic purpose to save the original liturgy??
I thought I'd broken the run of religious blogs with this one, because it started with a nice discussion of Turkish rugs, but by the next post it was all happy clappy as well. Bugger.
 All (more than) you ever wanted to know about the bible and sermons.
*Sigh* Westminster Presbyterian Fellowship.

I stopped after the last one.  It was getting a little bit too scary.

Went and had a rather nice glass of Merlot to stabilise my nerves.

Ahh, peace be upon you.


  1. I love your label "nutters"! There's a lot out there. I blame their parents. The brainwashing starts at an early age!

  2. YONKS: Yes it does, but it can be resisted.
    My Mum took me to church from when I was 5 years old, and it took me until I was about 16 to figure out some things just didn't add up, and not for another 20 years did I really break free.

    TSB x

  3. Funny. Maybe this is the new Christian thing, to put out lots of blog and dominate the blogosphere.

  4. "Has a set of links to modern gospel songs. I'll leave that for Richard [of RBB] to research."
    TSB, you're spoiling me.

  5. Patience_Crabstick: It could be, in which case, "Hold me, I'm scared"

    Richard [of RBB]: Thanks. Anytime. Hey, maybe you could use them for next years prizegiving recital.

  6. I only got as far as the first one but I put a comment on it:

    "6/4 you'll end up divorced or going on some gun rampage in 2012. "

    Your comment will be visible after it has been approved the fucked up rightwing Christian nutcase who runs this site."

  7. looby: Haha. RIP you poor bugger. They know where you live you know.

    You'll end up being eternally cursed. Please let us know how it feels.

  8. I've done that before and noticed exactly the same thing.Lots of bible bashers,infiltrating the ether, feels a bit Brain Washy.
    Id steer well clear if I were you.
    Happy New Year BTW !

  9. Northern Snippet: You're right, it does feel a little bit Brain Washy.
    I will take your advice and stay clear. Mind you I don't think they'd publish any comments I'd make.


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