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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oh Bugger!

Fear not gentle reader, TSB has not succumbed to the deviant pleasures (if they so exist) in arse-rogering.

I'm using the word Bugger in it's true Antipodean usage, meaning something like:
"Oh goodness gracious me, all is not going well"

Here are some other examples to illustrate the usage down here in NZ and Aussie.

Hit thumb with hammer; "Bugger!"

Ask a stranger to leave your premises; "Bugger off!"

Feeling a trifle tired (like after 80 minutes playing for the All Blacks (see sport or religion)); "I'm buggered"

Telling someone (normally a boss) that they lack the requisite knowledge; "You know bugger all!"

You've been hit with a force 9 earthquake, your stock have got foot & mouth, your wife's left you for a civil servant, your unmarried daughter's just told you she's pregnant(again) and your son has just arrived with the police, who are enquiring what all those funny plants are doing growing in the back paddock under the camouflage netting; "It's a bit of a bugger" 

 Now you may be asking yourself why TSB is using the word at all, as everyone knows what a mild mannered bloke with an idyllic life I am.

Mild Mannered (Do you remember who I am ? (Hint: Check the image name)

It's because I have to go to Teacher's Only Day at Nuova Lazio High School tomorrow.

I have to go back to work. *sob*

It's not fair, I've only been off work since the 9th of December, but those bastards actually want us to resume our tortured existence after only 7 weeks.  What do they want next? 

7 weeks old.  It's not much is it?

Our blood?

Our firstborn?

Our souls?  (Well actually if the want my soul, they can have it.  Any reasonable offer accepted, as I don't really believe I have one anyway)

Our sanity?

The worst thing is that Ringo will have a lot to say about the upcoming term's work.  He actually speaks quite well, but it's the educationalese he sprinkles throughout his speech that makes me feel sick. I swear that if he uses pedagogy more than 3 times, I'll go bloody postal, and you'll all be able to read about it in the news.

But back to the title.

I was quite surprised when I arrived down here in sunny NZ, a paradisaical jewel lying in the South Pacific, and found out that the word "bugger" was acceptable at all levels of society.  They even use it in the news for goodness sake.  John Campbell even used it when interviewing the Prime Minister.
The usage seemingly goes back a long way, but there was a famous advert in the late 90s that used the word repeatedly in a humorous manner, and while it polarised some segments of NZ society, the overwhelming number who deemed it acceptable paved the way for a more general usage in everyday life.

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" width="459">iframe>

So just to make sure you all get the message,
Oh Bugger.


  1. Jings!


    Help ma Boab!

    What a bugger!

  2. It's so hard to return to work after a vacation, it almost seems easier to never take vacations so as never to have to experience the going back to work.

  3. YaH: Thanks for the offer, but on reflection, no thanks.

    Patience_Crabstick: I agree, I'm just getting used to a life of indolence and reading a book a day. S'not fair *stamps foot*

  4. Well actually TSB - BUGGER was the first swear word I learnt at age 3 years by my best friend and neighbour, Elizabeth McKay, such a sweet wee thing. My Mother was mortified whne I returned from her palce repeating lodly this wonderful new sounding word. SHe went nuts, and told me to never say it again. I could not understand what all the fuss was about. Later yearas on she told me what it really meant. To this day I have a lotof delight in explaining why this word is bad to my students along with the wee story above. One lass I taught at teen parent unit was so shocked, she did not beleive mw till I gave her a dicitonary. THen she retorted she would be making sure her wee son would never say the word. Now he is 3 now and I bet he has said it already to her!

  5. AH TSB don't suppose you ever saw the Toyota Bugger advertisement series that ran here. It was during 1999 and 2000. Had the farm dog in it landing in a big muddy puddle. THat has to be one of the best ads ever seen on NZ TV.
    Probably before you arrived on our fair shores. Check out and see if you can find it on YOuTube.

  6. Yes - Toytota Hilux Bugger Ad-
    found it - here it is. Still agelessly classi Liwin stuff! Enjoy everyone.

  7. Our Godson when he was three used to call all ants, beetles and spiders Buggers

  8. Bah, the longer a vacation the harder to go back. Sorry it's over, hope the first day was relatively painless. Bugger bugger bugger!

  9. VG: You said "To this day I have a lot of delight in explaining why this word is bad to my students"
    Rather you than me. Let them live in blissful innocence. I have seen the old Toyota "Bugger" advert before, but thanks for reminding us.

    TC: I've never heard of that before. Calling them "Beasties" was the Scottish expression. maybe he picked up on that and got confused with the "Beastliness".

    Austan: I'm sorry too. *sob* The one saving grace is that I don't gt to actually teach until Thursday, and then it's for only 1 hour. Then we have a day's holiday on Monday. The pressure of work is just awful. *sob, sob*

    Richard [of RBB]: Nice to see you back yesterday. It's quite comfy sitting up in the bad boys' corner. At least this time I managed to stay awake. Ringo used pedagogy or pedagogical 6 times. I win the bet.

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