For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I Hate Dancing


looby has mentioned that he just loves going dancing.

I just hate dancing.

Exept watching this.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned.


  1. Jings!

    I need a lie doon........

    That's......umm - exhausting!

  2. I hate dancing too - totally with you and reading Looby's post I was thinking "He needs to talk to someone about that" ;-)

    Have to watch that video with the sound down though - I'm partial to old Steve Winwood and that is version is a flipping disgrace

  3. There is a phrase that women utter that strikes fear in the hearts of any norma lmale, "Let's go dancing."

  4. Alistair: Yes it is exhausting. Have a cold shower as well. You'll soon feel better.

    Furtheron: There was music? I was aware of some background sound, but my attention was elsewhere. I'll playit again and try to listen closer.

    Laoch: Yep. It's almost as bad as "Let's go shopping"
    but not as bad as
    "Let's go shopping for a ring"

  5. Phwoooorh!
    I watched this video on the laptop
    (Don't mention lap for God's sake!)in the kitchen while the Old Girl was cooking.
    The good thing TSB is that when the Old Girl spied what I was watching I could say "Pshaw! Will you look at what this friend of Richard's posts on his blog. Can you believe it?" And me? I'm the innocent in all this.

  6. TC: "Phwoooorh!"
    I know not what you mean.

    After you told your old girl that claptrap, she believed you?

    Well done. There's hope for us all.

    See, I didn't mention lap at all. Oops! *holds hand over mouth and blushes*

  7. So will you be facilitating a Pole Dancing Elective this year at NLHS then TSB? I'm sure you will be able to get WINZ funding for such a class to, and possibly even Gateway placements for some of the students.

  8. Wow! It's just an amazing video. :D

  9. VG: I've managed to persuade the SLTto drop all non-curriculum ICT courses for 2012, so gateway, and COG ahave disappeared from my classes. Bliss.

    Mind you, I wouldn't mind supervising some pole-dancing classes.

    Furtheron: I've tracked down Steve Winwood's version of Valerie, and I must admit I prefer the Eric Prydz "Call on Me" aerobic version.
    Bit more stimulating than Steve's windblown coiffure.

  10. Ragnor Relay: Thank you, and thank you for commenting.
    I first spotted it some years back on the venerable YouTube. It never fails to please.

    I had a quick look at your blog.
    You actually encourage people to TAKE EXERCISE?

    A .50 calibre boat-tail from a Barrett doesn't care how fit you are; it still blows you away.

  11. TSB - very clever. That will get rid of a lot of dead wood. COG wouldbe hard to teach now they ahve taken the US's away. You are really purifying the subject to become more academic and upping the expected student quality for your classes now. I imagine it will be a much more pleasant learning and teaching environment in those classes now instead of being an allcomers class. You are amking me recall how hard it was to take those COG classes for some students when I was at NLHS.

  12. VG: COG was foisted upon me by an ex-HOF of careers, because she wanted to be able to offer some sort of computer quals for her knuckle draggers.

    Didn't really work, all they wanted to do was play games or troll for porn.


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