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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ringo Might Be Going

A posh school mum waiting for her kids (Notice the crossed legs - a sign of class)

I have heard, on the teacher grapevine, that Ringo was being interviewed for a Deputy Principal's position at a rather posh Wellington school.

Our hopes go with him.

May he find success.

May he enjoy years and years of happiness with his nice little boys.

May we enjoy years and years of happiness WITHOUT him.

But then the question arises, who is going to replace Ringo?

There are many qualified staff from within Nuova Lazio who could do the job admirably.

I won't be applying.

I'm too cynical, too old, too set in my ways, too good a teacher.


I've said an un-PC fact.
Not PC

The best teachers want to remain teachers, and don't want to spend their days punishing naughty kids from all around the school.

I like to think I'm good at what I do.

I'm a bit of a disciplinarian, a bit of a control freak, a bit of a perfectionist.

I want my kids to succeed, and in the main they do.

I don't allow kids to talk, walk about the class, space out, grope and bully other kids when teaching and learning is supposed to be happening.

When they're on their own designated tasks, I have no objection to quiet chat with their neighbours, listening to their own music (even though I personally think that their music can be favourably compared to the caterwauling of hyperactive cats.) as long as their work progresses.

I really enjoy my work.

I embrace my student's success.

I enthuse at their excellence.

Obviously an Educationalist

I hate the new-fangled idiotic ideas being generated by the dick-heads in many schools of education.

I don't blame the educationalists, no matter how much I despise them.

I know that they have to "Publish or Die".

I blame the Ministry of Education where the poor chumps who work there have to initiate a new scheme every year. They're the ones who grab the published papers from the educationalists, present it as the "New Approach to The Promised Land" to the Minister, and get it sent out as a compulsory mandate to all the schools.

Which one's from the  Ministry?
They both are.

This year it seems to be "Make good relationships with your kids"
Next year it may be "Get them though NCEA2 or loose your job"

I wish they'd f*ck off and die.

Ex-Clive is well out of it.

Funnily enough, Ringo was with the Ministry.

It explains a lot.
Q. Which one is from the Ministry.
A. None of them. They're all Left Tits.


  1. Ringo leaving?
    Will Pompous fit into his suitcase?

  2. Richard: Now, now, don't get tetchy. One at a time.

  3. I think the 'posh mum' in the car has crossed legs because she needs a pee.

  4. Let your prayers be answered regards Ringo. The human Tsunami can go and reek havoc in another educational institution if they are stupid enough to take him on.

    BTW TSB have your relievers been getting paid recently? Ours have not and they are not happy. Keep getting told their is a computer problem, but this had gone on for several paycycles now. I have not experienced such problems before.
    Just wondering if there is a problem or we are getting fobbed off. Some are owed quite a bit.

  5. TC: Probably. Or possibly in the throws of an electric orgasm when she espied THE CURMUDGEON waiting for her.

    VG: There is no computer problem, but I discovered that there was a change in the "cut-off" date used by payserve. Every other cut-off day was a Wednesday, but for some strange reason, the cut-off in the first half of March was a tuesday, and I believe a lot of those responsible missed the change. This would mean that the pay would be delayed by at least two weeks.

    I only spotted it myself by a fluke

  6. Does Ringo have any good points? apart from his imminent departure?

  7. nursemyra: Of course Ringo has his good points.
    He sounds as if he was Ringo Starr with a bad case of adenoids.

    He is consistent.

    He is consistently rude, overbearing, bullying, arrogant, lacking in most social graces and has the consistent skill of looking down his nose at you when he's speaking.

    He doesn't smell.
    He probably means well.

  8. He just has to get the job now....

  9. Mummy is balanced on a very fine line there between posh and tarty. That dress is a tad too short, and needs a firm hand to pull it down.

    (Cough, off to have my bromide).

  10. I spent several years as a school governor - I left when we ended up spending more time talking about costs, insurance, admissions etc. to the before and after school club we were obliged to set up after some right tit (different party) in govt said schools should offer child care from 8am to 6pm for working parents! Nothing about education ever seemed to be on the agendas any more.

    Anyway - my observation - you take good teachers and promote them until they hardly teach if ever any more and give them a job that is all about management, budgets, target setting and appraisals... er just employ one of the countless graduates from a business studies degree and leave the teachers where they belong... in the classrooms

  11. looby: Mmmm, Mummy can come to my Parent Teacher evenings any time she wishes.
    I don't need Bromide.
    I've been married for 35 years.

    Furtheron: Yep, I served on our school board as the teacher rep for 3½ years, we mostly talked about budgets, discipline and uniforms, uniforms, uniforms. We did discuss education sometimes, but I would reckon less than 10%.

    You've put your finger on the main problem. The best teachers get taken out of the classroom and put into offices.

  12. Dear Twisted, Hopefully Mrs T has let you out of the garage. I think there is something to be said for good teachers moving into school management positions rather than leaving these roles to bean counters provided they have some management ability.. I want the principals/deputies of the schools my girls attend to have a strong vision of the decent adults they wish to create and some practical sense about how to achieve it. I want them to be able to recognise good teaching and how to promote and nurture it. I think you could do this job well. Lindaxxx

  13. I'm of mixed view on who makes a better prinicpal. The schol I held my las tpost at had a principal who had gone on and got an MBA. I did not make him a better manager or leader in my opinion. He was still a twit. The school I work at now had a woman principal. THe first time I have worked with one. Her leadership style is quite different. The school runs very well. Of course there is always room for improvement, but education is not something that can be perfected, it is a minefield of trying to please all the stakeholders. Sometimes it feels like a huge social experiment, let alone getting on with the core business of educating the poor sods who want to be educated. So much damm politics at all levels.

  14. Dear Linda in Chile: Thank you for your vote of confidence. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful 3 times in applying for such a a job, and at my time of life (0.59 x 10²years)I have given up. Applying for such jobs I mean, not life itself.

    Mrs. TSB has let me nack into the house, and I have progressed into the spareroom. Rapid advancement is planned, with a major attack on the washing-up, the ironing, and a major scouring of the bathrooms leeding (I hope) to normal sleeping arrangements.

    The problem with the current paradigm isthe time taken up with dealing with 'naughty' children. Things were so much simpler when we could whip them.

    VG: Every bloody thing is an experiment.
    "Wheels within wheels" (F.Paul Wilson, 1979)


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