For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hypothesis (Probably) Disproved

Last week I deliberately set out a small experiment to prove a theory of mine concerning the number of page views generated by a post.
One of my earlier posts, "The Peter Principle" has had over 1300 views, and I was trying to figure out why.  The premise I came up with was that this post contained two image files with the words Naked, computer, fat guy in their file names.
So I posted Biggest, Best, More and awaited the Stats results with interest.

After 4 days, it's only had 34 hits, not exactly bounding to the top of the popularity heap, so my initial estimate is that my theory is wrong.  If the popularity of a post depended on the salacious names of files, then image searches should have produced more hits.  I'll leave the post in place for another couple of months, just in case the search engine database requires more time to establish the file names in such a small out-of-the-way web page like my post.

What is also surprising, is the rapid ascension of "Walking the Dog"
It's tearing up the league table of hits, and at the current rate will soon overtake The Peter Principle. 
Beats me why.


  1. A lot of people search via google images so when they saw the scantily clad woman sitting at the desk it probably lured in all the creeps!

  2. Walking the Dog? Well, I suppose he is cute!

  3. How do you find out which ones has the most hits?

  4. Pink Paddler....Speaking as a creep...perhaps I'd better just not eh?..;-)

    Incidentally...why am I a creep cause I like looking at naked women?

    Would I be a creep if I was gay and liked naked men?

    Just a thought...I don't have many so treat it gently eh?

  5. By the way...who the hell told you green writing on a blue backgound works?...sue them

  6. Hi Pinky, I'm glad you still talk to us lesser beings. :=) Yes they do search for naked people, but google images uses file names and context links to select the images searched for.
    Ergo the experiment.

    Richard [of RBB]: You may think he's cute, I think he's a walking farting crapping machine

    Fflur: I just ask nicely.
    Sign in to your blog, and go to stats. You'll see a lot of information under the different tabs.

    Four Dinners: I wouldn't say you were a creep. You really understate your case. Perve or wanker maybe, but not a creep. You're too open for that.
    Yes you would
    We know, we'll treat you gently.
    Welcome to TSB BTW, come again as often as you like. We're always looking for more commentators and people to insult.
    I find pale green on dark blue quite restful.

  7. walking the dog zooming up the charts?


    Maybe lots of dyslexic Koreans?..........

  8. Creeps = males and some females

  9. Have you tried using Google Analytics? You can get all sorts of information about how people find your website, and where they are from.

    My top hit appears to be "how to paint a front door". Based on your theory of how people find blog posts, it's probably because I talk about vaseline.

  10. Shackleford Hurtmore: Welcome to the back pages. I haven't tried Google Analytics, but I willnow, thanks for the tip.
    A. Why do you talk about vaseline in a blog about "how to paint a front door". ?
    B. Did you paint your front door with Vaseline?, I would have thought it would have made it a bit sticky.
    C. Any other use for the petroleum jelly is just unspeakable and will not be mentioned in these pages. (Unless I find good pictures to go with them)

    Alistair: That comment is not punny.

    TC: Yes you are.


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