For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Something has happened.
I don't really know what it is.
Only 9 days ago, I was celebrating the popularity of my little blog, as it reached the number (huge as it seemed to me then) of 20,000 views.

Now, only 9 days later, the counter is showing over 25,000.

What changed?  I don't know, but being of an enquiring mind, and having a scientific curiosity, I tried to find out.

The single most popular post is The Peter Principle, but Walking the Dog is very rapidly overtaking it, with about 1200 views a week compared to Peter's 100.

Is it something special about that post?
Admittedly it's a bit humorous, with good comments from many, including AliX and Clive (Anonymous), and it has a very cute picture of a Bichon puppy at the start, a nice nude silhouette of a lovely lady, and a big picture of Melons.  The referring sites don't seem to have changed that much either, with dear old Richard [of Richard's Bass Bag] still number one.  Well done Richard [of RBB], but be careful, Hestia's Larder is coming up fast, seemingly not being weighted down by a massive gallstone.
However, I began to wonder if somewhere out there in cyberspace, the twistedscottishbastard.blogspot had some sort of reference, a display of the blog I didn't know about..

Search the World
So I started an exhaustive search on the Interwebhighway, using various keywords and subtle codes known only to those members of the New Zealand Association for Computing, Digital and Information Technology Teachers, otherwise known as either "The Computer Wizards" or "Those grumpy old bastards" and I found some rather worrying information.

The name of my little blog is out there, bit it's not where I would have expected it.
It's not referred to on a site which glorifies the beauties and the subtleties of the English language.
It's not referred to an a site which has exemplars of twisted and black humour.
It's not even referred to on a site which tries to maximise the design knowledge of web designers, using my attractive (I don't care what the votes on the blog say) and semi-patented green on blue web page theme.

I discovered a reference on the site pictured below.

Apparently my little site MAY be famous for having a picture of a young lady in a leather bustier.

I knew there was a reason for putting all those pictures of pretty girls in lingerie on the posts.  It just wasn't to satisfy the carnal lusts of Richard [of RBB] or the depraved tastes of The Curmudgeon, or even the salacious appetite of Basket Maker.

It was for the fame.

Only for the FAME


  1. Really? You had to do all the searching to figure that out? Even me who is not a "grumpy old bastard" or "computer wizard" could have figured that out.

  2. Speaking of fame- embarrassingly the band who I blogged about on Sat night found my blog and then posted a link to it on their facebook page. So I gathered a little attention on one of my worst written posts.

    I see you are a down to earth person who desires only fame a a few bare naked ladies to post!

  3. Oh deeeeeear - that's a very tawdry picture, isn't it TSB?

    On International Women's Day too. Sooooo many legit excuses to have women of every stripe on your blog! What WERE you thinking?!

    Those tits are fake and that g-string thing is practically flossing her nethers. *shudder*


  4. Refering to REPORTS LOOMING.
    Reports are fun aren't they and all the extra time we have been allocated to write them helps. I couldn't believe he read out each part of his three paged bullet pointed handout on class removal procedures. Let's just say my rehearsal at 4pm was a saving grace.
    Herding cats? Why do you think DPs don't want to do it anymore?

  5. Fflur: I was being ironic. BTW I've heard that another Nuova Lazio teacher is heading to your school. You'll have to start a NLH Survivor's Club

    Nicola: Blast. You've spotted my secret.

    Ax: Yes it is a bit, I was aiming for classy but missed. Ha. We're over the dateline, and the IWD was yesterday. Oops, I think I put a scantily clad young lady on that day's post as well. I couldn't comment on the fake boobies, as I have no experience in that area, but I have been told by others (names withheld under an agreement of confidentiality) that such undergarments are surprisingly comfortable. Again, I cannot speak from personal knowledge. Such garments are banned (medically) from my person. See the post on PILES

    Basketmaker: Yes, I'm really enjoying mine. I've finished two classes and working on the third and last.

    NOTE: Ladies; due to continuous critiscism, I've decided that I will not be placing any more pictures of semi-naked young ladies on my future posts.


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