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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 3 June 2011

33 Years continued...

I  We had our anniversary on Monday, and I'm trying to remember how we celebrated them over the years.

24.  Wow.  I really remember this one.  It was spontaneous.  We hadn't really planned anything special, but at the last minute our kids decided that they had other things to do and places to be and they buggered of somewhere. So my beloved and I were left in our home.  Together.  Alone. I nipped out and got a takeaway and she opened a bottle of wine.  It was a lovely early summer evening and we ate in the front garden, overlooking the River Tay.  The swallows were chirping and warbling over our heads as the late setting sun came down over the Sidlaw Hills.  We just talked.  No TV to interrupt or distract, no kids asking/demanding something.  Just us.  Two little people together in a big and sometimes frightening world.  Two friends. Two people in love....................

25.  Big celebration with many of our friends and relatives.  Our big Victorian house was packed, but it was great fun.  I remember some of it, but I regret to say that I, unusually, got completely pissed and so most is just a bit of a blur.  I do remember chicken legs for some reason.

26.  On my own, sitting in our new house in New Zealand.  My beloved was coming over from Scotland, and I talked to her on the phone as I tried to keep warm in the big empty house.  New Zealanders are lovely people, but they have an almost brutal approach to cold weather.  British, and especially Scottish houses all come equipped with central heating, double glazing and good insulation. Kiwi houses don't.  I was living in a house the size of a barn with two small woodburners to heat it, and the previous owner had left me a small supply of wood, but all the wood was soaking wet, and even if I managed to get it to burn, it gave off little heat.  Drank a little whisky to keep warm, and planned our reunion.

To be continued, school calls ...

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