For blogs with less than 300 Followers

For blogs with less than 300 Followers
Thanks to Hestia's Larder for this delightful award.
(For Blogs with less than 300 Followers)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Critter Wines

Recently The Wine Guy mentioned critter wines and he has been having a fair go at Richard [of RBB] about those crows he's obsessed with.

Get away from the crows.
Why doesn't he try these instead:

Calm down the kids

For SMT Meetings

For playing Double Bass and simultaneous violin

Drummuing Lessons
(we all know how much you like them)

Specially for the nutter's parents

New Professional of the week

My favourite.
Also a great name for a blogger

Really captures the essence of the French

If Dancing Bear leaves,
there's always Dancing Bull
My favourite wine tasting

Made in Eastbourne


  1. TSB (not the arena, the Scotsman) I hope you're up so early because you're off to church shortly.

  2. Hi Satan, haven't heard from you for a while.

  3. Hi Richard (of RBB),
    nice of you to ask. I've been on a Professional Development course in Australia. Much of the population's characteristics gives me great ideas for section of Hell. While I was there I thought I'd muck up their election just for fun. I also held back the All Blacks for 60 minutes, just so they Aussies would begin to feel some hope, then dashed them at the last minute. Thousands of new customers when the despair overtook the hope. Delicious.

  4. Satan, (Son of the what?), like your ponsy name, you're full of shit. Aussies don't need you to make a dick of themselves; they do that unaided. You're just trying to build your patheticly fat red self up. Sod off back to Furnace Land, where my dad sent you after you couldn't even beat a bunce of penisless angels!
    'Satan, The Guy Who Got Beaten By A Bunch Of Guys Without Penises.' Now, there's a name that seems to fit.

  5. "For playing Double Bass and simultaneous violin" - The Octopus.
    With enough hands left to play with himself.

  6. Nice to see you included Monkey Bay TSB. I created that brand.

  7. "Nice to see you included Monkey Bay TSB. I created that brand. "

    Actualy, I included it by accident, I was more impressed with the young lady pouring the wine, as she does not appear to be wearing any clothes.


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