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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Time is short

Slept in a bit this morning, and I've got to get into Nuova Lazio High as early as I can, as there's a lot of preparation for me to do for today.  Lots off sick and away, and a distinct shortage of relievers available.  I even contemplated (shudder) phoning She Who Must Not Be Phoned in Upper Hutt, but common-sense prevailed at the last second.
Polynesian Culture show was on last night, and they were setting up when I left.  I think Richard(of RBB) was helping them get the auditorium arranged.
I had to call the police yesterday.

Normal street patrol in Nuova Lazio
As the school was emptying at the end of the day, 4 youths came into school.  2 of them were I think from the intermediate next door, and 2 were/are students at NLH.
It's odd, that these kids, who spend a vast amount of time dodging classes and running away from teachers and lessons actually spend a large amount of their precious private time in coming back into school.
When I went to school as a student, wild horses wouldn't have dragged me back.
Anyway, these kids were a bit troublesome, pitching rocks at the sheds then running off.  As many of our staff's cars are parked next to the sheds, I was concerned that the cars might be damaged, so I went and had a word with the kids.  Seemed to go well, they sort of nodded and ambled off.
That went well I thought, until they started throwing rocks again.
So I called the cops.
Kids buggered of.

We may have to actually trespass one of our students outside school hours.

Anything for peace.


  1. I saw these kids, and chatted to one, all very civil - we talked about a rugby league tornament that is going on in Nuova Lazio at present. Then, as I walked off, they started throwing things at me. I turned and they ran off. They continued to throw things from further away. Strange behaviour.

  2. I saw them too. I told one of them he was on "my list" for still needing maths credits - they ran away!

  3. Gee the fun times never end at Nuova Lazio - strangely it is posts like this that sometimes make me miss the place

  4. Bad behaviour. Mind you, I'd probably throw rocks at Richard (of RBB) if I was there too.


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