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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

After School Misery

The staff
We had a whole staff meeting last night, immediately after school, so we all assembled in the staffroom at 3:20.  A strange time, as we're all tired after teaching our little angels for 5 hours.
The meeting was started by Ringo, who as he often does, spoke very well.  We had tried an experiment of no longer standing-down kids who swore at teachers, and had tried to go down the restorative justice path.
Many of the staff have noticed a deterioration in the kid's behaviour over this period, and we wanted the automatic stand-down restored.  We have had a couple of nasty incidents recently, (see second chance)and the staff mood was not good.

My idea of Restorative Justice
It was agreed that we would go back to the old policy, then the discussions carried on.
Look, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I've got better things to do than listen to some of the comments made. 

The main loony talking to the Green Party Faithful
Gandhi?  since when did Gandhi have anything to do with Nuova Lazio.
Some may say that Gandhi was a great leader and a statesman of international stature.
I would say that anyone who refused to eat a good steak, who regularly drank his own urine, who wandered around with a bed sheet as clothes and who got shot after saying that non-violent protest was the way to win, was a complete loony and not really relevant.

Talking about urine, I was chatting to some of our cleaners last night, and it transpires that they made an unpleasant discovery last week.  Richard [of RBB] was heavily involved in the school production (good job BTW R[oRBB]) and a relieving teacher was mostly covering his classes.  The cleaners found in the music room the following:

A bottle of urine and two pairs of heavily soiled (actually what the cleaning lady said was "Full of shit") girls panties.  What on earth has been going on?  Is Nuova Lazio devolving to an earlier state where human wastes can be casually discarded wily-nily? Or was the reliever sticking rigidly to the (stupid-ish) school rule which says that our students are never to be let out to the toilet?

NON stained panties (I'm not that sick)

I don't know, but I think that if I have to go to the music room in the future I'll be sure to wear rubber gloves, a mask and gumboots.
Protective Suit for meeting devolved Nuovo Lazians


  1. I heard about the urine, but not the other bit. Relievers tend to sit in one place as students roam around the department. That's why I hate being away.

  2. I'm not Hercule Poirot but I'd look at the 'Relievers' if I was you.

  3. I once found a bottle of urine in the drama room, it is sadly not a new occurrence. The likely hood of it being the same person is slim, unless it is of course Richard...

  4. You can accuse Richard of many things but being slim is not one of them.

  5. "You can accuse Richard of many things but being slim is not one of them"

    Oh, TC, you are such a wag.

  6. Using a bottle shows respect. I work at the next level up .. tertiary... 18 plus, everyday one guy pees over the toilet seat aiming high.
    Poos are thankfully restricted to the rear end of the toilet seat.


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