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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Monday, 27 September 2010


It's 7:30 in the morning, the sun is blazing in our dining room windows.  All I can see is blue sky, so the storms we've been experiencing over the last week seem to have abated.
If the weather stays as nice as it is, I guess I'm destined to spend at least 2-3 hours weeding.  As I've mentioned before, my beloved does not hold with "Chemical Gardening", so it's all manual back-breaking work.  The god-botherers would probably say that it's good for my soul.
Maybe (The debate about the existence or non-existence or even what the hell is a soul can keep for later)
But it's not good for my back. 
I'll give the lawns their first exposure to Yates' Turfix to knock back the dandelions and other broadleaved weeds. (Curiously, my beloved does not object too much about this, maybe because none of her prized plantings are in any danger)

Look, it was an accident OK?

One little mistake, 2 years ago.  I forgot to wash out the sprayer before I changed to a fungal treatment.
It certainly proved the efficiency of Glyphosate. 
My beloved was not amused.

After Glyphosate
 After gardening who knows?

Maybe down to the Library.  I've got 2 or 3 books on reserve, and I hope they're ready.  One of the joys of these two weeks is the opportunity to actually read in peace, without that vague feeling of guilty "I should be doing something more productive and work-oriented" that creeps in during a normal working week.
Maybe down for a coffee, or a stroll along the Petone esplanade, or a wander through the Bays.

That is what is so delicious about the holidays. 


Nothing is fixed, all is free, like the wind blowing through what little hair I've got left, like the direction fart gas drifts after the event, like the flight of a bumble bee in the strong spring sunshine, like the potential in a new born baby.

We shall see.

Have an absolutely bloody nice day.

I'm pretty sure I will.


  1. I too am feeling the holiday joy today - I have just finished my breakfast cause I have been reading for 2 hours since waking this morning - it is pure bliss.

  2. I can't believe it, the weather is actually getting better.
    It's almost too hot to weed.

    Bet that makes those of us who live in "the Winterless North" a bit miffed"

    Anyway, can't be too careful, maybe I'd better take a few snifters of whisky in case it gets colder.

    I can if I want.

    I agree with Fflur, complete bliss.

    BTW, Fflur, if you've got so much time on your hands, why not try updating your blog.

    Tell us about life in a "posh" school, or how Bennett's doing in the lazy days or even how you got on with your interview?

    Hve a nice lazy day, but update first; remember Richard [of RBB]'s mantra, post what you think.

  3. "Bet that makes those of us who live in "the Winterless North" a bit miffed""

    The weather up here is so good that I've golfed, kayaked, gardened and swum already and its only 3PM.
    I drove the Old Girl to the airport this morning at 6.30 and stopped off at the golf course on the way back intending to play a few holes. It was so nice with dew on the greens (plus ducks and pukekos), no wind and a warm sun just rising that I played the full 18. I'd finished by 9.30. The harbour was dead calm so I kayaked and after gardening the water looked so good I had a dip (still a bit cold but refreshing).

  4. Weather is great in Nuova Lazio too.
    I've just been out walking with my daughter.
    Life is great.

  5. Yes, not so much bliss with two kids in two. We have our moments though. Seeing my sons pure delight in just being alive at times is enough. Painting the babies room is not so much fun. Five coats my friends, thank the previous pink for that and my ladies neutral colour choice. Five coats. The baby is not even going to care what colour his room is. But lady is happy so I am happy.

  6. I was born in a bloody manger. Animals were shitting. Colour doesn't bloody worry babies.


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