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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lunch at the Dragon

Met our son in the Dragon Chinese restaurant in Torry St. in Wellington.

It's always nice to see him, and catch up on his life.  (Don't tell him, but I'm always proud of him, and love him deeply, no matter what he does.) It must be quite scary, flatting in a foreign country, trying to make ends meet while he's working as a barrista and also trying to expand his web design business.  All we can do is support him by letting him know there's always a home for him with us.

Regarding the Dragon restaurant , don't.

It got good reviews in the press (It used to be the Eastern Sunrise) but the Yam Cha they served were really low quality.  The minced pork, the basis of many of the dumplings which make up the Yam Cha (or Dim Sum) was really crap.  It was more like a meat paste rather than freshly minced pork.  This Dragon needs a St. George to put it out of it's misery.  We' ll try the Grand Century up at the top of Torry St., it's supposed to make all their own dumplings rather than buy them in.

Finished off with a cup of coffee in Te Papa.  I've always liked Te Papa from the first day I was in NZ.  Even the words Te Papa, Our Place" is so welcoming.  Anyway went to the Level 4 coffee shop (not the cheap and cheerful cafe in the basement), had our coffee and a treat.  The NZ Symphony Orchestra was giving a recital down on Level 1, so we sat in comfortable armchairs, sipping good quality flat whites (Earl Grey Tea for my beloved) while being regaled by beautiful music drifting up from below.

 I recognised "Night on a bare mountain" and excerpts from the Nutcracker plus others from "Fairy Story" pieces.

What a lovely way to finish the day.

I really think that this is the best way to enjoy classical music.  Sitting comfortably, sipping the beverage of your choice, talking to your loved ones while still enjoying the music, going to the loo without too much disturbance (an increasing priority as age encroaches) and not having to actually see the poor, sweating hard working musicians.

Actually I remember some years ago, watching the NZSO playing in the Michael Usher Hall, and being absolutely entranced by the gleaming thighs and heaving bosom of a particularly enchanting cello player, so watching the musicians is not always a bad thing.


  1. I could always strike that pose for you with my double bass?

  2. Please, please, please don't and if you do for god's sake don't photograph it. TSB, nice photo but don't encourage him.

  3. I have absolutely no intention of posting a photo of a naked (shudder) or even semi-naked picture of Richard (of RBB), with or without his Double Bass.

    I may be a twisted bastard, but I'm not that sick. No offence Richard (of RBB) but the truth is the truth.

  4. On one level Richard (of RBB) standing naked BEHIND his bass could be seen as a good thing.


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