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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 24 September 2010

Free at Last

Well not quite free, and not quite yet.

One more day.

I stayed in Nuova Lazio High until after 6 last night, checking the relief, but mostly correcting and reprinting the senior reports.
The two FuhrerMadchen finished all theirs yesterday, but the Emperor and Ringo are still completing theirs.
Every time they pick up an error, they pass it to me, I go into the computer system, make the changes and reprint.  It takes time, and today is the last chance.  We are supposed to post them out at 3:00 today, and as I'm teaching for 3 spells today, that doesn't allow for much time to fix the damned things.
Pissed of Pandas

Ringo really pissed me off yesterday.  I think he knows I don't especially like him, and I'm pretty sure the feeling is reciprocated.  But it's not personal.  I don't dislike him because he's English, or because he talks in a nasal mancunian accent, or because he looks down his nose at all and sundry, or because he walks into classrooms without acknowledging the resident teacher, or because he interrupts conversations and meetings without an apology.
No, I don't dislike him because of all of those.
I dislike him because he doesn't do what he's supposed to do.

In previous years he mucked up the timetable.  Repeatedly.
When he was in charge of relief, there were cock-ups all over the place, and some staff felt picked on.

Yesterday, this paragon of efficiency, a supposed example to us all went to a meeting outside school.

Nothing wrong with that, except he hadn't told me he was going.
I didn't have a relief teacher organised to cover his classes.
The first thing I knew about it was when a text message came through about 8:50, asking me to go into his room and collect some work for his pupils, and to print out the class lists and photos and to pick up some sheets from the library for his pupils to work on.

We have a simple system in Nuova Lazio.
If a teacher knows he/she is going to be away the next day, they print out a class role and a lesson plan for the relieving teacher, and give it to me in advance, telling me the day(s) they need of and the reason..
I arrange a relief teacher to come in and cover the class.
If someone is suddenly off sick or otherwise indisposed (like MaonofErrors.  Some people will do anything to get a few days off work) I print out the roles and try and find some work for their classes.

Ringo ignored all the rules, and dumped it onto me at the very last minute.

I don't know whether it's simple incompetence or just an indication for the contempt he feels towards everyone else.



  1. We're nearly there TSB (not the arena, the Scotsman). Don't let the Beatle upset you today.

  2. "I don't know whether it's simple incompetence or just an indication for the contempt he feels towards everyone else."

    He's probably a psychopath who has got to were he is be walking all over people who care. (Hope this makes up for my last comment).

  3. Ringo seriously did my head in when I taught at NLHS and nearly caused me to give up teaching altogether. He always tried to make out that I was the one with the problem - not him. TSB may recall the time I told him rather loudly in the staff room once to back off, after embarrassing me in staff briefing by calling out my name and requesting to see him after briefing. As if to tell the whole staff I had been a very naughty girl. Time passes, and today I am pleased to report I have since hardened up and have had much happier experiences working in other local high schools since moving on from NLHS. So apt you refer to him as a bug, and being a former computer programmer I was trained that ALL BUGS MUST BE ELIMINATED. About time NLHS Debugged their program!

  4. P.S. TSB - I love your blog. It has me in stitches every time I read it. You will be going through another report cycle again - some things never change. BTW I am doing some relief work at the moment so I find your comments on relief very funny. My time at NLHS has prepared me well for this type of teaching. Don't need that suit of armour any more.


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