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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Monday, 6 September 2010

Another (sigh) Monday

Back to the grind, to earn my daily bread.
Well not exactly bread, more a nice Merlot with some oatcakes and a strong cheddar.  I've found that my tastes have definitely changed since my youth.

I used to think a animal-fat dripping piece of vague minced meat wrapped in rich flaky pastry (a bridie) accompanied by a dark beer was the pinnacle of gastronomic delight.  In some ways I still do, but my stomach will no longer tolerate such a high load of fat, and I know if I even try a couple of mouthfulls, I'll end up with severe heartburn and nausea for some hours.
Man eating a Bridie

As Richard [of RBB] mentioned in his post. we're now entering the senior report stage of the school year, when we write our comments on the little darlings we've been trying to teach for the last 6 months.  Of course being a PC country and being in a mostly PC-mad profession, we are not really allowed to write what we really think.

We cannot say that wee Johnnie is an absolute waste of space, who deliberately disrupts every class he is in, who has the mental capacity of a decerebrate frog and who would benefit from a rigorous application of carbolic soap using a scrubbing brush, especially in his mouth, which might slow the stream of expletive utterances.
We might like to say such things, but what will eventually appear on paper will be along the lines of:
John is mostly on time for his class.  He occasionally brings a pen, but never wears school shoes or a tie.  He finds the basic work quite challenging, although I think he could do better if he didn't spend so much time chatting to his friends around the class.  John has not yet completed any of this year's assessments, and he really needs to focus more on his tasks to meet the milestones that have been set. At this rate of completion, I cannot recommend that John progress into next year's XXX201 course and it may be to his benefit to repeat this year's XXX101 course.  John always has a grin on his face and demonstrates a good sense of humour, and his absence will be noticed next year.


  1. A good description of a Bridie. I ate these i Aberdeen without thinking of what kind of meat might have been lurking inside. I must admit to it being enjoyable but the richness of the pastry made it hard to digest (like the baps there).

    re Johnny, it is a pity that PC mad culture means that kids like him cannot be properly disciplined to both his and every else's advantage.

  2. "re Johnny, it is a pity that PC mad culture means that kids like him cannot be properly disciplined to both his and every else's advantage."
    Give the little bugger a break. I see dad's got him on a list to burn in Hell for eternity - might as well let him have a few fun years on Earth.

  3. Not on my watch Buster. My Dad and I would give him a kick up his arse (after we get back from the tavern). A bit of hell on earth will taech him some respect.

  4. I didn't know you'd been in Aberdeen TC, and I agree, the rolls they have there (called Rowies) are about 50% lard, and very salty. A bit of an aquired taste.

  5. On the plains we call em beefies.

  6. That's right - Rowies, not baps - The Old Girl's family had them for breakfast. 50% lard! No wonder they tasted so greasy and disgusting - like eating a seagull.

  7. "on the plains we call em beefies."

    A term of endearment for the cows you get friendly with no doubt. Seen any good movies lately Deputy? Brokeback Mountain would be right up your alley (so to speak).


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