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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Second Chance

Everyone deserves a second chance.
Or do they?
Does a murderer get a second chance?
"Yes, we know you went berserk with a chainsaw in Pack 'n' Save and slaughtered 15 people for choosing non-organic chicken Mr. Green Party Loon, but we think you won't do it again so we're letting you go.  Bye bye, don't forget your chainsaw."
Does that scenario strike you as odd?
Never happen in real life?

Ah well, perhaps not, but stranger things happen.

Let's take a hypothetical situation.

Let's imagine a school, we'll call it Nuova Lazio High.
Imagine that a 17 year old pupil was suspended for being caught (again) selling drugs to some of the young Year 9s.  He wasn't just selling them, our young entrepreneur was running promotions, pushing the stuff hard.
Imagine he went before the school Board of Trustees Disciplinary committee, in an attempt to gain re-admittance to the school.
Imagine the stupid soft-centered liberal wishy-washy do-gooding bunch of namby-pambies allowed our young Mr. Asia back into school, with the strict warning "Don't do it again"
Imagine how the Principal feels.
Imagine how the staff feel.
Imagine how the stupid bunch of eejits on the board would feel if someone released this information to our parents.
Imagine how the parents of the youngest pupils would feel knowing that a known drug dealer who deliberately targets their kids was being allowed back into his main area of operations.
Imagine how the press would have a field day.

We can do nothing.  The BOT is almighty, and even 60 + professional staff with a huge range of experience and expertise has absolutely no say in allowing Mr. Asia jnr. back or not.

And then we repeat the whole thing again, because the same group of do-gooding viewers of the world through rose coloured glasses has also allowed a thug who assaulted a teacher and put her off work for 2 weeks to come back to school.

Imagine how that teacher feels.
Imagine how the staff feel.  Scared. 
Imagine how the kids feel.  They might be thinking "Hey, if I bash a teacher I only get a warning and a week off school.  That's not too bad."

But we have to keep a balance.  If I hit a kid, do you think I'd be given a little warning and sent back to my classes?
Would I buggery.
I'd be out the door on immediate suspension while thy arranged for loss of NZTC registration, police charges et al. 

Have a nice day now.


  1. Merda (Italian for 'shit')!
    I didn't realise all this.

  2. Get back to work you Scottish wor. Enjoy your day, you don't have many left.
    You'll be first against the wall when I take power next week.


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