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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Firefox 4 Frees Frantic Frightened Floggers

OK, It's really Bloggers, but I liked the alliteration.

For the last week, I, and thousands of other bloggers who use have been unable to login properly and we have been unable to add comments on our own blogs.  I was getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress from, but let's be fair, we don't pay a penny to use the software or the blog hosting, so it's not really fair to complain.

So, in true traditional kiwi fashion, I decided to do something about it myself.

Traditional do-it-yourself and have-a-go Kiwi bloke

Using my honed investigative skills, allied to my razor-sharp brain (the same combination that deduced the goldfish in our garden pond were being eaten by the neighbour's cat) I deduced that the problem may be with either the Google (which owns Account or with my new web browser IE9.

I always had an old version of the Firefox web browser on my computer, but I rarely used it.  I found it was useful for visiting the more exciting parts of the WWW, as it was easier to flush out all the evidence later, and it was a bit faster to navigate the Internet.

Brigette Bardot; Always Exciting

I loaded it up, used the built in updater to bring it up to the newest version (v 4.0), and voila, success.  I could once more leave a comment on my own blog with my own proud name of TwistedScottishBastard.

If anyone out there is having any problems, I suggest you get your own free version off the web.  It's completely free, installs quickly and cleanly, and is easily configured to suit all users.

You can get it here if you wish.

As a separate issue, a friend in Singapore sent me an email with a mildly humorous photograph.

Emboldened by my success in managing to cover

I sent the relatively innocuous photo to all staff with the message:

It seemed to be liked by almost everybody.

Can you guess who?
No, no I cannot say his name.  Be aware that the message he sent me was :
"Ouch- watch the gender jokes please"

This was the photo:


I'm still not sure if the message he sent was meant to be ironic or just plain humourless
You be the judge.


  1. I laughed so hard at the second half of this post that I almost wet myself - not good for a man my age.
    Ouch, just watch the jokes in general please.

  2. Thank you Richard. What was the funniest. The photograph or the comment from You-Know-Who/

    Posted comment via Firefox v4.0

  3. Dearie me - does BB have any internal organs in that photo of her - or is that what makes up the bumps in her vest above her belt?

    I'm ok with Blogger, but am using the old firefox. No idea which version though. But am not upgrading now, for SURE!

    I like the picture with the birds and your comment. As we say in Scotland - your colleague has 'took things too far'.

    See if you can give him a sense of humour implant - using a big tacketty boot up the jacksie ;-)

    Ali x

  4. Ali x: I'm so glad you're back with us, and hopefully feeling better.
    *winces as imagines pain from keyhole surgery scars AND bee-stung nether regions*

    As far as BB goes, most blokes of my generation (eg Old Fogies) have had a crush on BB since time immemorial, and yes, her waist does look rather tiny. Actually, her waist looks to be about the same size as my thigh. Makes one a little depressed. *heaves large sigh, and laments lost youth*

    As far as my humour-less colleague is concerned, I couldn't agree more with your suggestion, but unfortunately, I no longer possess big tacketty boots. I wonder if a 6 foot steel crowbar would do as well, or is that taking things too far?

  5. Maybe you just need to fork out for decent virus protection! Though I could be wrong.

  6. Second Fiddle: I already have, and Yes, you are wrong.

  7. Have you tried using Google Chrome? I switched from Firefox and have been finding it great. It even has "incognito mode" for visiting the exciting parts of the internet.

  8. Shackleford Hurtmore : No. I've not tried Chrome. I like to believe I'm in complete control, and I don't completely trust Google. I do know that IE9 plus google seems to have f*cked up many, many bloggers


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