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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Monday, 16 May 2011

Bad Weather

The rain was so heavy on Sunday morning that we didn't go to the Wairarapa.  I cancelled the booking at the Tirohana Estate, and gave my son the option of going somewhere else, or trying again for the Wairarapa next week.  He chose to go to Wellington to try out La Boca Roca in Miramar.

This is a small Mexican themed cafe/bistro.  We found it OK in Park St., but it was undergoing some renovation, and they only had 4 tables available, plus the long counter.  The food was Ok, but not spectacular.  My son chose an extra side of ceviche (raw fish in lime juice) which my beloved also tried. I didn't.  I don't eat any type of animal raw.  I'm a microbiologist.  I know what can exist in raw meats.

Then we headed over to Lambton Quay and had desert and coffee at Bordeaux Bakery.

Then back home to a gentle afternoon of wine, rugby, and a good book.


About 6 o'clock, my beloved and my son began to feel a little nauseous and by 9 they were both throwing up. 

Never eat raw fish.

Add in the intestinal explosion that was my ongoing post-Aussie parasitic infection and we were a very happy family.

I do wish however that we had another toilet.
My beloved wishes for it even more so. 
It cannot be very pleasant throwing up down a toilet 5 minutes after I've finished spray-painting it.

I leave the details to the now-nauseated reader.

Back to school.


  1. How did a microbiologist end up teaching computers?
    I had the same problem on Sunday, but it was self-inflicted!

  2. Richard [of RBB]: Thank you, we will, but it is a slow process.

    Pinky: Long story, but basically because after I graduated as a microbiologist there were no teaching jobs in the sciences, so I went back and did a Masters in Computing where there were a lot of vacancies.
    Self inflicted? You mean you deliberately consumed toxic meat?


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