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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Big Throbbing Black Friend

Seven long years we've been together, but I had to say goodbye today.

My beloved insisted.

He's been my contant companion over many a rough patch.

He's been loyal and reliable.

He's increadibly powerful, and he just throbs with responsive energy.

A gentle touch and he wakes up, demonstrating his huge energy, sending vibrations racing through my body.

He's black and huge, dwarfing almost all of his peers.

He had two failings.
  1. He had an increadible thirst and his intake approached 10 litres a day.
  2. My beloved felt very uncomfortable when she was with him.

I'll miss him for a long time.

He was so generous, even when we were parting, he helped me meet a new friend.

I miss my Bighorn

Goodbye Old Friend

Every time my beloved climbed into the cab, she hissed with repressed pain, so I knew he would have to go eventually.  But not so soon.


Never mind, here's my new one.

Subaru Legacy GT30 v6

A bit fancier, much, much faster and very comfortable to drive.  My beloved no longer hisses with pain when she goes for a drive with me.  

She now hisses with annoyance that I'm driving too fast.

What did I expect.


Next. Morphine is nice.


  1. I really was unsure about clicking the button that says "read more" The word black in the title gave me some reassurance that I was fairly safe from hearing anything too personal.

  2. Awww - women......they just don't understand the man and machine relationship do they.

    New one looks like a bit of a goer too!!!

  3. Fflur: Nice to hear from you again. I never post anything to personal. Have no fear. And speaking about personal, how's the Guy from Taranaki?

    Alistair: You're correct. They just don't understand. I used to feel invulnerable inside my big black machine. Now I can just go fast. It's not the same.

  4. My daughter could take the shine off that car - she's a trained professional.

  5. "I miss my Bighorn"
    It's just old age.

  6. Dear Twisted, Legacy sounds rather restrained and almost elegant when compared to Bighorn. I am only grateful that you did not get a Pajero. They could not sell a Pajero in South America. Did you ever think of getting a motocycle? I imagine that it would be amazing touring through NZ on a bike.

  7. Linda in Chile: What's wrong with Pajero in SA?
    Does it mean "I have a very small manhood"?
    "My grandmother's postilion has been struck by lightning"?
    Is it simply too big a gas-guzzler.

    I thought about a motorbike, but quickly rejected the idea; there are too many fatalities associated with this form of transport.
    And while touring NZ in a bike sounds good, there are just to many dangerous animals in NZ. I like to keep a good thickness of steel between me and the thousands of feral sheep that roam the McKenzie Plains.
    Have you seen the size of a sheep's teeth?
    Too frightening to contemplate.

  8. Sweet ride, dude. Congratulations! We have to keep the Mrs. happy, after all.



  9. Linda in Chile: Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am anonymous when I replied to your comment, but the stupid bloody blogger won't let me post on my own f*cking blog.

    SB: Thanks for that, I must admit it goes very nicely, but it doesn't quite have the oomph factor of my old 2½ tonne black beast. You're also correct in that we have to keep our ladies happy. happy as we poor mortal men can make them. Which isn't very often or (as my beloved has mentioned acerbically a few times) for very long.


  10. Dear Twisted, I have tried to find a polite way to say this but can't. Pajero in South America simply means wanker. I love imagining the marketing meeting in Tokyo where the word was suggested as a joke! In the spirit of transTasman friendship I think the less we say about the need for New Zealand sheep to defend themselves the better! Linda

  11. Linda in Chile: HaHaHa, gotta love the marketing. Almost like;
    Q. what's the difference between a Range Rover and a hedgehog?
    A. A hedgehog has the pricks on the outside.

    We won't mention the sheep



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