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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 11 September 2011


We, like most of New Zealand watched the first Rugby World Cup (RWC) games on Friday and Saturday

The All Blacks beat Tonga, but the ABs were a little rusty, and definitely took their foot of the pedal in the second half.

However, I do not intend to go on about the RWC, except about the national Anthems.

For some reason the organisers have decided to use recordings of all of the anthems, played just before the game starts.
Fair enough, as there are so many games being played, all over the country it's probably cheaper and much more convenient to use the recordings.

LaSenza's Cup Size Choir  
Now it would be a bit more interesting if they used this choir

For some reason they've used recordings produced by a choir, and while choral music can be very beautiful, the sound produced is rather dull, and lacks the emotional intensity produced by a really good soloist.  I like the national Anthem of my adopted country, and sung by a talented soloist (Like Westenra) it can produce an emotional lump in the throat, but the choir is just "nice"


My real rant didn't crystallise until I watched the games on Saturday.  Scotland, the land of my birth, was playing Romania (Well done Romania, you certainly gave them a fright) and the traditional song, Flower of Shetland) was sung.  Now I can remember a time when singing that song was banned at public events. Originally sung by the Folk Group; "The Corries", it is a highly emotional and evocative song, bringing back Scotland's history of continual warfare with the English until well into the 18th century (and up to the present day if sporting events can be seen as a sort of toned-down warfare.) (It doesn't matter who wins, as long as England loses)
The anthem sung at all public events was "God save the Queen".  This was sung in all areas of the United Kingdom.

Officially, "God save the Queen" is still the National Anthem of all 4 countries which make up the UK, so it's the British National Anthem.

I therefore ask the question, when England was playing Argentina last night , why was "God save the Queen" sung, and with a cation which stated that this was the ENGLISH ANTHEM?

Couldn't they be a bit more original and sing "Jerusalem"instead?

It's not the ENGLISH ANTHEM you bunch of morons, its the F*CKING BRITISH ANTHEM


I would also like to add the following:
  1. I'm sorry the Argentinians lost, the played exceptionally well
  2. Wilkinson's off form
  3. The English team played like a bunch of boozed-up lager-louts; the ref. should have sent off a lot more, maybe even a red card.
  4. I'm really sorry the English won
  5. Don't forget the Falklands (Las Malvinas)

But on the positive side, if they ever play The All Blacks with those tactics, then:
  1. They'll lose, big time
  2. They'll end up with half of their players in hospital (the ABs not being as forgiving as the Argies when it comes to retaliation)

At least I've heard that live soloists will be singing for all of the finals.

Go the ABs.



  1. Jings - who's a grumpy pumpy tonight then.

    {No change there}

    Your team will need to pick up their game if their going to win. {But - at least THEY can!}

  2. Alistair: Thanks. I try to maintain a nice even simmer for 24/7. I find it helps to solace my inner ogre. Goodness knows how many kids lives I've saved by this method. otherwise I'd have strangled hundreds of the wee besoms. After Scotland almost got stuffed by Romania;go the All Blacks. One of the (minor) reasons for coming out here 13,000 miles form bonny, bloody damp, cold, midge and scheemie infested Scotland was to live in a country whose national team might occasionally actually in something.

  3. I've never really liked our national anthem. It's a bit twee.
    "God of nations..."
    Why does it start of with an imaginary person?
    I think the notion that the ABs are the top team in the world is a fantasy too.

  4. I liked the recording because the NZ Sympathetic Orchestra played well!
    Richard please prove that God is imaginary!

  5. Richard[of RBB]: I quite like it, although I don't know where the "Triple Star" comes from.
    I din'tknow if the ABs are the best, wait and see.

    Secondf: Possibly.

  6. Banned at public events? That's harsh. I'm not a raging patriot or anything, but I do think the American national anthem is brilliant.

  7. Patience_Crabstick: Yes it was harsh, but that was quite long ago. Regarding the American National Anthem, which one? America the Beautiful or the Star Spangled Banner?

  8. Good to see you the other day!
    Go Scotland!

  9. Dear Twisted, Only saw a glimpse of the rugby - the Romanians looked as if they had come straight from Central Casting - not a handsome one among them. We love Flower of Scotland especially that bit about sending them home 'to think again'. I agree that the poms probably have played Land of Hope and Glory but in spite of the Royal Family spending time in Balmoral, the Prince of Wales running about as the Duke of something or other north of the border, they are essentially English (now they are no longer German) and the English feel they therefore have first dibs on them. We started to give up the ghost when we got our own national tune - mind you I remember singing GSTQ in the sun before school in Queensland as a child. Hope Mrs T is enjoying the eyecandy (apart from the Romanians). Lindaxxx

  10. Pinky: Good to see you too. I must say you do look less stressed. It must be nice lolling about on those leather armchairs all day. Doesn't it get borung having only nice kids to teach while you drink your Bollinger?

    Dear Linda: Very valid argument. Still wrong. You have to realise that as a Scot, I've got a collective chip on my shoulder, dating back to 1707 and the Act of Union, when the English basically bought Scotland by paying of the huge national debt accrued through bad investments. So since then if their is any doubt in a situation, England is wrong. Mrs. T is very well, thank you, and enjoying the "eyecandy" as you so nicely put it, and a glass of champaigne as it is her Birthday.

  11. Happy birthday Mrs TSB. I would expect that putting up with Mr TSB all these years would entitle you to a bottle of Krug Le Mesnil Champagne and, or, a glass or two of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac.

  12. TC: For goodness sake, don't give her any ideas, I'm on a severely restricted budget, especially after she insisted we buy tickets to NZ v Canada in the cake tin at $200 a pop. Tap water with a single ice cube will do very well thank you.


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