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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

The power of Q

Has anyone noticed the similarity in appearance of John Kirwan (Ex All Black and coach of Japan) and Q from Star Trek the next generation?

Q from Star Trek the Next Generation
John Kirwan

Beware the power of Q

Mind you, they still got completely stuffed by The All Blacks.  Some of them actually began to shake as Ma'a Nonu approached like a rampant Chieftain Tank 

Go the All Blacks.


  1. "The Chieftain also introduced a supine (lying backwards) driver position, enabling a heavily sloped hull with reduced height."

    (According to Wikipedia re the Chieftain tank.)

    Let's hope that only two out of three of the characteristics apply to Nonu namely the heavily sloped hull and the reduced height.

  2. I am not watching the rugby. I think Scotland are still there, but it's only a matter of time before that massive New Zealander flattens the entire front row.

    And yes, those two blokes look VERY similar in the photos!

    Ali x

  3. I've never see Star Trek, Next Generation, but they do look similar. Who does Henry (Graham) look like?

  4. The Wine Guy: You forgot to mention the 120mm Main Gun and the Cobham armour.

    AliX: This is New Zealand. Watching the Rugby is written into every certificate of Permanent Residence as an obligatory requirement. Scotland's not doing too badly, although Romania gave them a fright. They're playing Argentina on the 25th, and will be a close game. Also agree about the ABs, mind you Ireland beat the Aussies last night, so the unexpected can happen.

    Richard [of RBB]: They do look similar don't they. Henry looks like a dyspeptic dancing bear.

  5. Yes I think you are into something there TSB.
    I lioved that series. Been watchign Star Trek since series one when a wee lassy. By the way the actor who played Q also played a charcter called Eugene Bradshaw (An odd chap who invented a time machine and eventually got it working as he literally disappeared - that is how they wrote him out of the show) for many years in the 1980's in the american soapy "Days of our Lives" which bloody TVNZ decided to axe this year! I watched that when I could for over 35 years.

  6. VG: Days of our lives??? Good God, you need some urgent therapy. I would prescribe 250ml of Laphroig (or possibly Talisker)taken every night.


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