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Friday, 30 September 2011

Cheating Bastards

I've been quite enjoying all the RWC® matches, even the smaller (by reputation and skill levels) teams have put up a good fight, and I've seen plenty of good sport and good sportsmanship.

With one exception.

The bloody English.

Now I am not a biased man, but these arse-grabbing, malingering, nefarious, cheating, sassenach thugs should be put up against the wall and shot.

I first saw them in action against Argentina,and my immediate reaction was "Throw those criminally violent bastards back to the UK"  I saw gouging, tripping, elbows in kidneys, head butts, kicking, raking (with rugby boots), knees in groins and actual punches.

Rugby is a physical game, but these bastards are just sadistic thugs, gaining the honour of the first yellow card during the RWC®, and subsequently attaining the highest yellow card count in the competition, with the joint honour of having the first player cited and then suspended for his completely out-of-control behaviour against Argentina, when Courtney Lawes got a 2 week suspension for deliberately dropping a knee onto an Argentine.

But this pales into insignificance, when you hear that the English, the so called masters of sportsmanship were caught cheating.

Officials observed and reported that 2 English assistant coaches replaced the ball in play with another immediately before Johnnie Wilkinson took a place kick.  Wilkinson (and to be fair some other renowned kickers) has complained that the particular design of the ball being used during the RWC® was very unforgiving, and had greatly reduced his percentage of success.

But the rules are perfectly clear on this point; changing the ball is verboten.

They flagrantly broke the rules.

The bastards cheated.


We haven't forgotten Wayne f*cking Barnes whose short sighted and unfathomably unbelievable failure to spot a forward pass 5 metres from him, cost the All Blacks the Quarter Final match against France in Cardiff in the 2007 RWC®.

I would like Scotland to beat them this weekend, but I'm not optimistic.  The poor naive Scots, honest likable players with well-chiseled jaws and clean profiles are not really a match for that gang of cheating thugs.

Just wait till they meet the ABs.

Ever heard the term "Hospital Pass"? 

Try some of those games against the ABs and you'll find out what it means.

Got to go, just been texted that our chief malingerer is off again. Un-f*cking-believable.  The guys got more days off than all of the rest of the staff, ADDED TOGETHER.


  1. Go the Scots. The Old Girl will be in the stands watching their "well-chiseled jaws and clean profiles " and no doubt rueing that they don't play in kilts so she could get a glimpse of their handsome and muscular buttocks too. Let's hope for a long overdue upset and that they hammer the cheating bastards.

  2. As an recovering ex-Englishman myself (will be getting an All Blacks passport as soon as possible), I have to say I agree entirely with you. It's incredible to me that they have been cheating so much on and off the field.

  3. Go Scotland! Also, Blind Barnes didn't see the Argentinian guy offside last Sunday when he went for the drop goal, forcing him to change leg.

  4. TC: If the "Old Girl" is getting a thrill from the exposed buttocks, then she'd be better having an ogle at the Maori warriors with their concentric circle etched buttocks. If she likes that sort of thing of course.

    Shackleford Hurtmore: Poor bastard. Mind you it shows real guts to admit ANY sort of relationship with the sassenach buggers. Even the teachers of English descent in NLHS are keeping quiet.

    PinkY: Hello again, nice to hear from you. We thought you had gone too high class with your lovely private school to talk to such as we. I must admit I didn't see the incident, but you'll be right.

    You can never trust the Dagos.

    Remember Goose Green. I always said that Maggie should have nuked Buenos Aires after the Belgrano. No offence you Argie greasers.

    I remember.


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