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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nice doesn't cut it

Mellow(ing) Mushrooms

OK, I've been really nice and mellow for the last few weeks.

But there comes a time (very frequently in my case) when I get really pissed off.

On of my colleagues has had a huge amount of days of sick.

Shhh.  I'm not very well.   Really.

Nobody grudges those poor sods who are really ill, but this bludger seems to take days off whenever he wants.

He sends in minimal work for the even poorer sod who is covering his (feral) class.

His class  is feral because the bludging bastard doesn't even bother to work at building a relationship between the kids in his class and himself.

If you don't like the kids, they definitely turn feral

The result is discontented pupils and a sickly teacher.

And then when I ask the bludging b*astard to work some extra hours to make up his huge shortfall of allocated classes, he moans bitterly and then takes another day of sick.

My Hero

Sometimes I yearn for the simplicity of a 7.62mm Full Metal Jacket messenger.

A dead colleague is a replaceable colleague.

Live long and posper.


Piss off and die.

Just doe the f*cking work!!!!!!
Everyone else has to.


  1. This guy is effecting the proof reading of your blog too.

  2. Trying to work out who it is. Went over a mental list from A to Z - no. Checked out the school website - no. (Perhaps he's there so infrequently the web guy has never noticed him?)

    One small consolation; I missed your spelling error, but thanks to Richard (off RBB) I went back and found it. I like to know that others with high standards can err (occasionally). I hope I spelled? spelt? that right.

  3. Well TSB I would demand this shirker delivers to you a specimen of his proported illness in a specimen jar for your analysis. As you are a trained microbiologist. Either that or a bloody medical certificate! (Surely you insist on these?). Make the bastard squirm and think twice about messing with you! Either way sounds like this teacher is not long for NLHS. The kids will finish him off by the end of the year I would say. Maybe you should start taking bets now.

  4. There is that expression "shit in your hat".
    I hope that your miscreant hasn't heard it if you ask for a sample.

  5. Oh, the irony of "This guy is effecting the proof reading of your blog". Talk about finding the mote in another's eye.

    But more importantly, that skiver needs sorting out. Isn't there some sort of half carrot half stick process that teachers have to go through if they're suspected of swinging the lead? You wouldn't get away with that in any of the jobs I've had.

  6. It's very inconsiderate of one's colleagues to call in sick so much. When I was doing acute care nursing, if someone called in sick and the charge nurse couldn't get someone from the float pool, it meant the rest of the nurses had to divvy up her patients and have a truly hellish 12 hours. There was one nurse and a couple of aids who called in constantly. The worst offender was fired, eventually.

  7. Richard [of RBB]: well spotted. Did you get both errors?

    Anon: Can't say, because the bludging b*astard might sue me. Did you spot both errors?

    VG: Thanks, but no thanks. I see enough little shits every day. (HAHAHAHAHA). I don't think the kids will finish him off. He's shown surprising resilience. In some ways I do feel sorry for him, but there are limits, and he's gone well past.

    TC: I don't wear a hat. Can you lend me yours? I know you've got one, because your always talking through it.

    looby: Irony is in the eye of the beholder. So's my right fist if he pulls something like this again. We don't expect perfection from blogs for goodness sake.
    It's almost impossible to sack a teacher, even the most incompetent, unless they're caught diddling the students. Hmmm. Do you know how easy it would be to insert a particularly nasty video into his computer files? Hmmm, must think on't.

    Patience_Crabstick: You're exactly right. It's the inconsideration which grates the most. Well that and sending in minimal work for his classes.
    My Beloved, who spent many years as a ward nurse/sister often told me the same about the extra work load. She was in Glasgow then, and it was quite frequent for the same group of nurses to go "sick" after a weekend alcoholic bender. Fun parties though.


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