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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 23 September 2011

It's a lovely day

The view of the valley from our deck is full of swirling mist, making it look very magical.

The mist is stratified, the different layers moving at slightly different speeds as it moves down towards Lower Hutt and Petone.  A glorious orange-pink sky is becoming visible from the North, promising a warm and sunny day.  There is a definite feel of spring in the air.

It's a Friday here in NZ, and we're going to be having fun today.  For the last two weeks we've been having morning teas provided by the various 'national' teams of teachers in celebration of the RWC® and we've been having a bit of fun as well as putting on a lot of weight. But today has been designated All Black Day, so we're all bringing in a plate of food just to celebrate.  There's supposedly a special event planned for just after lunch, but I'm not allowed to talk about that, it must be kept secret.

All of my lessons are planned, the resources prepared, and at the moment NOBODY  ONLY ONE PERSON  ONLY TWO PEOPLE has have phoned me to say they're sick, so it looks like a bloody good day ahead.
Don't just look at it, fix the bloody thing

I know saying that is a bit of a challenge to the Gods of Capriciousness, who like nothing more to build you up with hope and joy and optimism, before bringing you crashing down into the Stygian depths with a series of 'unfortunate events', but I'm feeling optimistic, hopeful and have a song of joy in my heart.
Actually, when you think about it, this is a very strange expression.  Your heart has no vocal cords so how can it sing?  I suppose it could be interpreted as having some sort of music embedded in it, but shoving a CD  or a USB memory stick into Cardiac Muscle is not exactly conducive to your continued survival


It's a lovely day.

I also spotted this delightful image when I was searching for "Song in my heart".

It certainly makes me feel a bit better.

I miss Fflur's little biting comments about my slight character flaw (according to her) of my delight in the female form.


  1. Are you sure that you typed properly when you tried to input "Song in my heart"?
    If you spelled like Second Fiddle or Valley Girl you may have typed "Thong around my Parts"

  2. Beaut view TSB. I get the mist views from the upper level of my place too over by the river.
    Today I feel my energy levels returning to normal after two intense weeks of dealing with Uncles death, organising the funeral of the year and then starting off the estate processes. I even got a day of teaching in too, which was no mean feat, given the classes I had that day.

    Spring is in the air for sure today. I am going to get out of the house today, am off to get some long overdue pampering at the hairdressers this afternoon. Starting to get excited too about my Aussie holiday coming up in two weeks during school holidays. Going to Melbourne and Sydney. Time to relax and reflect about what the future holds and plans for next year, now I can resume full time working since Uncle has gone.

    Have a great day and a even greater weekend and ... GO THE ALL BLACKS!

  3. Dear Twisted, You do sound happy - who can begrudge you a view of a scantily clad beauty? Lindaxxx

  4. "who can begrudge you a view of a scantily clad beauty?"

    Well, Nicola aka Mary Whitehouse/Patricia Bartlett for one.

  5. Oh boy thatas a blast from the past - Patricia Bartlet! The nati-porn lady - Society of Commuinity standards -barf! As if we di not alreadyhave censorship that rattled old prune had to harp on. She's long dead anyway. My ex primary headmaster went to Teachers College with her and told me she was far from pure. The college "bike" so to speak. No one preaches louder than the reformist.
    TSB will not nknow who you mean - he's to recently arrived.

  6. Here is the context of my earlier comment Valley Girl. Nicola (of Nicola's Supermarket Bag) had berated me for stooping to TSB's level by publishing a pic of a scantily clad woman "Don't lower yourself to his standards" she lectured. See:

  7. VG: There's nothing worse than a reformed sinner. BTW Have a look at :
    I'm sure you'll see similarities with women everywhere.

    The Wine Guy: *sigh*I miss Nicola's litle snipes, and Fflur seems to have completely deleted her blog. I wonder if Fflur's new "friend" saw it and didn't like it, or even the Principal of her school saw it and wondered why they were employing a "loose woman"

  8. Linda in Chile: I am happy, or I was happy until I watched Aussie play the USA last night, It wasn't really a contest, and I must admit I fell asleep before the second half. Boring. Too one-sided. Thanks for your permission to watch and even display images of pulchritude. It makes me feel so much better. Listening to Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto as I write this. So beautiful. See


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