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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Friday, 16 September 2011

Put your foot down

There comes a time in every marriage, when the real boss emerges from a henpecked obscurity.

I'm normally pretty easygoing.

I know my Beloved has a bad back caused by years of lifting patients when she was a nurse, and I really don't mind doing the odd jobs around the home (which I secretly think are "women's work"
I happily wash and dry the dishes after meals.
I smilingly vacuum the carpets and dust in the high places.
I even sing as I do the weekly ironing.
I dance quietly as I load up the washing machine and hang out the clothes.
I grin as I pick up all of the doggie poo the little shit machine has deposited on the back deck.

All this I do willingly because I do love my Beloved,and I can see the pain reflected in her anguished, beautiful face.

But there is a limit.

It was reached on Wednesday night at 7:45 just as Scotland was playing (and eventually defeated Georgia 15 - 6).

My worm-turning phrase was :

Ladies of a gentle disposition should avert their eyes from the following, or at least have a stiff drink before continuing.

Strong men my wish to pick up some tissues to absorb the obligatory flood of tears.

I said:



That told her.

It is a bit lonely in the camp bed in the garage, but I'm sure it'll work out in the end.

At least I've still got my whisky.


  1. ......and time to yourself.


    {Bet she has the tv and remote though}

  2. A brave (and very, very stupid) man.

  3. Alistair: Time to muyself is nice. But I'm hungry, and the earthquake supplies are sealed. Yes. She's got the remote.

    The Curmudgeon. : For a very brief time, I felt good. Then i felt very, very stupid. See the next post.

  4. A brave (and very, very stupid) man. x2
    What can I add?

  5. LOL. I'm a nurse too, so I would love to commiserate with your wife over her work-related injuries. BTDT. I can't be much help with your other issue.

  6. Richard [of RBB]: Yes. What can I say.

    Patience_crabstick: Thanks. I think. My Beloved was at one time the lead nurse in a revolutionary pediatric carcic surgery unit. Registrars and junior Consultants quailed before her depth of knowledge and ascerbic wit. Then she went into Nurse Teaching, ending up as a lecturer in Nursing Ethics at Dundee University. Then her back went. Bummer.

  7. Are you sure all those years of kinky sex did not excerbate Mts Twisted conditon too? My late Uncle got a War Disability Pension for his crook back and knees on the basis of his carrying heavy beer kegs to the mess when serving in the later stages of hte war in 2NZEF and Jayforce. I myself reckon the real cause was his posture playing lawn bowls for 35 years.


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