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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Shoot them ALL in the balls

Gee, it's great to be back.

The adrenaline rush of vented spleen is almost addictive, as is the kind and tempting comments added by my Dear and constant readers.

I thank you.

And now, as to the reason...

Before I start, I must make clear the following.

Nuova Lazio is a completely fictional town in a completely fictional area of a completely fictional Island in a purportedly real southern Pacific Ocean.

The school where I allegedly teach (and I use this word in it's loosest sense) does not exist, never has existed, doesn't even amount to a spark in the mind of a dormant or yet-to-be God.

It's all a complete Fantasy (or wish-fullfilment if you wish)

If you examine the title of this Blog, under the "How the Hell does this work?", you will see a disclaimer. This is an abreviated version of one of the greatest disclaimer/book dedications I have ever seen.  It is the creation (yes, I plagiarise research like the best) of John Ringo. The original dedication(from Kildar [a bloody good read in a sado-masochistically, extreme military violence kind of way] reads:
This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. This book and series has no connection to reality. Any attempt by the reader to replicate any scene in this series it to be taken at the reader's own risk. For that matter, most of the actions of the main character are illegal under U.S. and international law as well as most of the stricter religions in the world. There is no Valley of the Keldara. Heck, there is no Kildar. And the idea of some Scots and Vikings getting together to raid the Byzantine Empire is beyond ludicrous. The islands described in a previous book do not exist. Entire regions described in these books do not exist. Any attempt to learn anything from these books is disrecommended by the author, the publisher and the author's mother who wishes to state that he was a very nice boy and she doesn't know what went wrong.
 My blog is like that.  No semblance to any reality in any universe.

Now, gentle reader, you may think I've gone completely doo-lally or even maxed-out paranoid, but I've just been reading a news article (Thanks Clive, I may never sleep again) about a teacher in a school in Pennsylvania, who was suspended from her job for posting an article which suggested that her pupils were slightly less than perfect.  Her post did not mention, School, Pupil's Names, Classes or even as far as I can remember, State, but she was still suspended.  One of the American Civil Rights organisations managed to get her re-instated, but we have been warned. The bastards of Political Bloody Correctness are out to get you.

Now that's out the way, I can have my little rant.

One of our little darlings shot another pupil.

I know that this may come as a shock to you non-teachers out there, but our kids, especially, but not uniquely our boys, tend to be a tad violent.

We have systems in place to try and reduce this violence.

Naughty boys (and girls) are given nice little chats, where it is pointed out to them that it isn't nice to kick each other in the crotch, or to set fire to some one's hair during class, or to actually stand up, unplug the DVD player from the TV and try to hide it in your schoolbag.
The system allows for a series of escalating warnings/restorative chats/detentions/stand downs/Section 27s/suspensions/ and finally exclusion.

One particular individual was on his final/final/final/I really mean it this time final/ and the next time you're out/ warnings.

He took in a gun to school.

Admittedly it was a BB gun, shooting plastic BBs, but it looked realistic.  Realistic enough that if he'd been spotted earlier, the Armed Offenders Squad would have been called out. (For non-Kiwis, the AOS is like a sort of watered down SWAT team)

He deliberately, and with malice aforethought shot another boy in the balls.


Men of the male gender (thank you, Miss Underscore) are warned NOT to look at the image immediately below, as it may cause extreme psychic pain.

While the victim was writhing about in considerable discomfort, he then threatened to rip the victim's head off if he dared to report the incident.

Luckily, the incident was reported to staff, and the shooter was apprehended and a severe punishment was awarded.

This kid, who was on his final/final/final/I really mean it this time final/ and the next time you're out/ warning, got TWO F*CKING DAYS STAND DOWN.

The victim got a bag of ice to reduce the swelling, while the little shite who shot him (try and say that after a few whiskies) was basically sent home for a two day holiday, and

How can we teach the kids that breaking the rules is bad, if the worst are treated like this.  Every one else wanted the kid suspended at the least, so he would have to answer to the school board for his actions and (lack of ) remorse.

Guess who decided he would get back in after 2 F*CKING DAYS?


Sometimes I just despair.

And just long for a belt of 7.62mm Full Metal Jacket.

My friend, GIMPY (in sustained fire mode).


  1. ."..... and Himmler, had something similar....."

  2. I read that USA story a few weeks ago with interest and had an inkling that you might have been concerned by it.

  3. Absolutely appalling. If I was anywhere near there I'd rip that fucker's head off. Basically that's saying "shooting people is fine". Have a couple of days off. Unbelievable. I hope it doesn't end here - presumably it's going to the press and the courts?

  4. Me too. I mentioned that in a comment on someones blog a few weeks ago myself. Did they bring it up at staff briefing? Our staff were told last year not to be on facebook or accept invites to be a "friend" with students. I have always been wary of facebook though, but many of my younger colleague still use it profusely. I like my privacy.

    As for the gun incident - well what is the bloody point in having the 7 steps or whatevet the called it at NLHS. How is the poor vicitm doing? Will he be coming back to school or even want to? I suspect hie will maybe laying charges of GBH.

    We had the police at school last week. Cop car and paddy wagon after a massive fight in the quad at lunchtime. Right outside the staff room. Not really sure what happenned. Kids pretty excited though. Ah wellit is spring now and the testosterone is flowing. School fights alays start again when the weather warms up again. that is what I was told by an actual school prinicpal. It is so true.

    Maybe you guys need to start wearing cod pieces again.

  5. Yes I did - refer to: -

  6. Dear Twisted, I am dumbfounded. That image was also rather graphic. Where are the parents in this fiasco? If it had been my son I would have made a complaint with the police and threatened Ringo with legal action given a manifest failure of the duty of care to my son. That child will never be the same. As for the delinquent, he now has to show how much cooler and meaner he can be - possibly he will really shoot or knife someone next time. This is a criminal matter and not a bit of high jinks. I am really quite shocked that this has happened in New Zealand. Sadly, this is one of the reasons why people are sending their children to private schools. I am ranting now too, Twisted! Lindaxxx

  7. Brings back memories of certain incidents that occurred at another high school I worked at in
    2007 juust over the hill from NLHS. Do you remeber all the media attentiona that got when the school BOT tried to hush it up? I seemed to recall the miscreants only got off lightly with a few days off school too. There was an out cry from the community. I wonder how the lads who were assaulted are getting on these days?

    How long before the media find out about this one?

  8. And.. speaking of which "the show goes on". Refer to this article from todays online news site in regards tot he above mentoned incidents!

  9. TC: I was very concerned, but not enough to stop the avalanche of truth, which must out. Just let the bastards try and prove it anyway. PS We used to sing that song in the Army as well.

    looby: No courts, no press. I actually saw the f*cker in class today, and had to be polite to the psychopathic little sod. Life can be pretty shit sometimes,especially forthe poor victim, whom I haven't seen around for a while. Probably too scared to come to school.

  10. Valley Girl: If I see the victim,I'll try and helphim lay charges. I knowthe Deans are furious and want to go much further, but that's really Ringo's job......

    Linda in Chile: Well done, join the rant. It probably doesn't do any good, but it certainly makes me feelbetter. Oh, by the way, the victim has some major disabilities; doesn't that make you feel better? I think I want to puke.

    Valley Girl: Yep. I remember. Every day certain incidents all around NZ are "hushed up"

  11. That is just totally wrong and utterly unfair to the victim. Honestly, if I lived in NZ now *I* would bring this to the attention of the courts whilst arranging an unfortunate accident for the perpetrator.

  12. looby: Yep. Unfortunately I would be putting MY job at risk if I told anyone officially. The unfortunate accident is already being arranged.


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