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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blogger's Playing Silly Buggers

For the last 36 hours, I've been trying (vainly) to add comments TO MY OWN BLOODY POST,
but Blogger won't let me.
It's incredibly frustrating in not being able to reply to other bloggers, gracious enough to add comments to my rants and raves, and I think it only polite to acknowledge them in some way.
So when I try for most of yesterday and this morning to add a simple comment, I found I was blocked.

Examination of the blogger website says "it's been an ongoing problem for some time"
I know it has.
However this latest problem seemed different.
Google/Bloggers ideal

I've read recently that Google (who own Blogger) are trying to strip the anonymity out of the web, probably for financial reasons (If they know who you are, they can try and sell you more stuff) and that their first step was to refuse access to any new accounts with long names, like TwistedScottishBastard.  So I've changed.  I'm now Twisted Scottish Bastard, not TwistedScottishBastard.

All a bit existential, but it still didn't work.

I can now sign in and type in comments but when I try to finish and save the comments to the post, it jut loops me back out, with no comment actually being posted.

Then I tried an experiment.(I'm a scientist.  That's how we find out if the Universe is playing silly buggers)  (It is)

Because I'd been trying to leave comments on my post about Teacher Only Day  at least three times while I was at Nuova Lazio High School, and losing each one, I'd decided to copy and paste the created comment and emailed it to myself at home (where I am know).  It was this pre-created comment that was being continuously looped back out of my posts.

I type in "testing" and tried to post it as a comment.

Glory Hallelujah; It worked.

I pasted my prepared comment  back into the comment box.

Hmmm. Strange.  Back in the bloody loop, with no comment being actually posted.

Was Blogger/Google censoring my vain attempts at humour, even after I'd changed my own true Soul-Name to satisfy their paranoid control fetish?

I tried a much longer typed comment.  Maybe they'd reduced the number of characters allowed in a single comment.

Hmmmm.  Odd.  I could add hundreds of words, and it posted correctly.

I tried posting the prepared comment again, but then deleted verything except the first two lines.
It worked, it posted correctly.

I added the remaining comment. 

Hmmmm.  Shit. It wouldn't post.

After a few more attempts, I isolated the (probable) cause.  I had added an tag to one word, and it was the tags it was blocking.
Bad Tag

Removed the tags, and everything started working again.

Strange.  I've been using tags in comments for well over a year, and it never caused any problems before.

Ah well.

Mutatis Mutandis .


  1. Sorry to hear about the problems Twisted S B.

  2. I couldn't copy and paste from microsoft word the other night!
    One night an entire post just dissapear as I turned to talk to my beloved!

  3. "One night an entire post just dissapear as I turned to talk to my beloved!"

    That's Google's automatic quality checking system Second.

  4. So actually the problem was situationalist and not existential.

  5. Well actually it all sounds too much like my old job - testing crappy badly coded untested software. Frankly right now I don't give a shit but I understand your frustrations. Uncle died yesterday so I am in deep mourning. 90 yrs old and so suddenly. He was fit as a buck rat. The bastard had to wait until my beloved and I went on a long awaited holiday break for a long weekend to Napier. Got to Napier had one night, romance had only started then the Death Phone Call at 5 am. I deserve better than that Uncle after all my loving care! Time to drink all your Whisky, including the new bottle you got for your 90th in July! So now in midst of arrnaging the state family funeral (he was the last of the line) with full military honours for my beloved WWII vet bachelor Uncle. Good news more inheritance coming my way soon. Anyone like a 49 yr old yummy mummy girlfriend who has a bit of dosh? I want to run away. I have had enough this year. Just win the fucking World Cup my dear AB cousin (Yes you Sammy) and your team mates. Not only for family honour but our nations honour. Sorry I have had a few wines, but in need first aid. Maybe I should just go to bed. I am sick of the rugby already, hence wanting to run away. I think Uncle was on to something but I am not that desperate yet.

  6. Terry: My problems are your problems. I'm just glad I don't have your problems.

    Second: Aww, shame. Although I've never heard of that before. UNLESS it's trying to copy (or even print) from a Word 2010 or 2007 file that has been protected. Check the top of the screen immediately after you open the file. If you see a yellow bar/button stating "Allow editing" click it and all will be well.

    TC: Now you're just being cruel.

    Northern Snippet: Wow, I'm impressed. So impressed that I'm not quite sure what you mean (or even imply)I mentioned the existentialbit because I had to change the name, the very identity which makes me the Twisted Scottish Bastard. it's not quite the same as TwistedScottishBastard, so I think that's the existential bit. Blogger changing th permissions which block the tags in a comment may well be situational. Well done. Make sure to ask your next Medical Student Job Applicant to define the difference, and watch the egotistical bastards squirm.

    Valley Girl: So sorry to hear about your Uncle, and your curtailed romance (mind you if you were still being romantic at 5am, you've got much more stamina than me (or my beloved)). I'll lift a drink to him tonight. I'm getting a little tired of the rugby as well, my beloved is guarding the remote control like a terrier with a dead rat, AND my son is hogging the compiter, so I'm left with eiher reading, drinking or self-abuse. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Don't feel so down, our time comes for us all, and it's not your yet. think of how many little kiddies you can teach over the next few years.......Hmmmm, maybe not.....I don't want you feeling worse. Have another drink.

  7. TSB - Thanks. Felling a bit better today, and in full swing for getting arrangements made.
    However feeling tirsd after a big day yesterday, family meeting and lots of decisons being made. It is going to be a long long week. Hubby hasd the rugby on again this afternoon. I think I amy go out. Another headache coming on. Stress. At least I wont have to teach this week. Would not be in the mood for it either. Anyway the seniors are still doing their exams at the main school I releive at so they won't miss me. The cool thing is I am wearing Black and no one is blinking an eye lid. they just think I'm being patriotic. Wearing my AB shirt feels so right now on every level.


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