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For blogs with less than 300 Followers
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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Complete Serenity... Until

Lying on the garden swing

Looking up at the deep blue, almost fluorescent New Zealand sky.

Sipping a rather pleasant iced tea with lemon, sugar and whisky, reading a favourite book on my ebook reader.  Life is good.  Sort of.

Listening to the tweets, shrieks and song of the native bird life, and the occasional yap from the little doggie and my B beloved.

I slept in to 11:00am this morning.  A deep and relaxing sleep, until my beloved woke me up.


This is what caused me to question my B beloved's judgement

We hadn't planned to go anywhere, or do anything special.

If the situation had been reversed, I certainly wouldn't have woken her up.  I'd have respected her choice.  Sleep harms no-one.

But it was not to be.

Oh well. the rest of the day was spent in pre-Christmas baking and washing-up, with some Christmas Card writing and present wrapping.

I've always understood that sending Christmas cards to distant friends and former neighbours is a good idea, but why send/give one to a colleague who is seen every working day,

It feels like:
"Hello, you may remember me"
"I'm the bloke who sets out the relief work everyday and who you have to call if you're sick or otherwise indisposed" 
"Just in case you've forgotten me, here's a cheap and mass produced card expressing the sentiment of having a joyous celebration of a probably mythical incarnation of a religuous sytem I don't believe in."
"F*ck off and get pissed"

I mean, why bother?

Finished off with some sausages and beans for my tea, which I had to cook

Sometimes life tends to suck.

Bet that hurt you pseudo-romantic bitch


  1. Oh dear TSB life is so tough at your place. At least you did'nt get woken early the last few mornings like myself by my Ginger Bitch cat. Now I am beginning to understand what RBB means about ginger cats being evil! Yesterday she got impatinet waiting for me to wake up and feed her, so she decided to stand on my chest and glare at me. Now my cat is not a light creature. This was very uncomfortable. But hey she had a point it was 11am and I had to get up showered, breakfasted and dressed up for the races, which were starting at 12pm. But this morning, growl, she woke me at 6.30am, she hopped up onto the windowsill above my bed and was chattering away to the birds outside on the roof, which she can never catch. Then she dive-bombed my head when jumping down.

    I gather Mrs Twisted is back in your bad books, as the "B" has gone back to a "b". As they say TSB there is no peace for the wicked. BTW does Mrs T know about your pay drop yet?? Might be best to keep that quiet for now.

  2. VG: Yes. life can be tough, although you seem to be enjoying yourself wit the horsies.

    Advice; kill the cat.

    Being woken up when there is no need, puts my beloved automatically into lower case.

    Yes I did tell her about the pay cut. Not about the cigars, the booze, the parties or even the Year 13s. There are limits you know.

  3. TSB, my thoughts are with you. I'm not a sleep in type person, but I would never think of waking my boss. It just doesn't make any sense.

    VG, ginger cats are put on Earth by Satan. Everyone knows that.

  4. Ah yes. It was a good day at the races. I had to restrain myself with both the betting and the bubbles. Especially at $8 a bloody plastic glass! Same for all the other drinks too (beer, RTd's, wines). However we did get free water bottles! Needed them too for the heat.It was too hot for all that carry on anyway and more fun being part of the action, although some people never learn. I suppose I am getting old now. It is more fun to watch the young laides get trollied (Not really!) However, Happy memories of growing up next to Trentahm racecourse and the smell of horseshit and the sound of hooves clomping past. At least I go to the racecourse, unlike some NLHS staff who are too mean to pay the entry fee but will watch on SKTV when they live just down the road from the course and spend their lunchtimes and pay cheques at the local TAB in NL. BTW say hi to AR for me (giggle).

    PS - Cat now banned from my bedroom. Time to get tough!

  5. Jings - who's a grumpy wee so and aso when he gets wakened too early.

    {wait a minute - it was ELEVEN O'CLOCK!}

    Lazy bugger!

    I'm glad though that witha little encouragement from your Beloved you achieved many things - even if they did Tee you off even further....

  6. Any day that starts before noon is a lost day.

  7. That last comment is a gem!

    I haven't got a workplace any more but when I did, I told everyone that they weren't to expect a card from me, and if they were desperate to wish me a Happy Christmas they can buy me a pint. Most people got it - the others' card went unopened into the recycling.

  8. VG: I've been to Trentham races once. A horse won. Big deal It's so boring I almost threw myself in front of a horse just to generate some excitement. $8 a pop does seem a tad expensice. Maybe I could interest you in hiring my hipflask?

    AR is still plodding on and still I believe paying quiet visits to the TAB.

    Shoot the cat.

    Alistair: It was the weekend for goodness sake. Surely I'm allowed some time to have a sleep-in?
    Sorry. Writing Xmas cards is NOT a productive use of my time. Dreaming of ******* is.

    Laoch of Chicago: Yep, especially from Mon - Fri.

    looby: You mean the student union isn't full of busy people? Re-writing and researching their lecture notes/tutorial work?
    I'm shocked, shocked at such un-work ethic based behaviour.

    Good idea about the cards/pint dichotomy.


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